Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • http://what Mike Hunt

    Umber 14, “Chive on from I”?? Why do the vast majority of people think “…… and I” is always correct?? Very simple rule, remove the other party, and speak your sentence. Yes, sometimes “and I” is correct, but often “and me” is correct”.

  • LukeTheTerrible

    #2 parenting fail!

  • Casey Scio

    Nobody better give #31 that shirt. Ever.

  • Snot


    You realize you're providing argument for NEVER giving you a KCCO shirt…

  • Wallace

    Hell yes Emily he’ll yes and chive don’t give her a shirt unless she stays shirtless till the pattys day



  • Antizealot

    It's all good until you wake up the next morning with an anal probe sticking out of your ass.

  • aaron

    I could of swore #41 was a "real girl" you guy online

  • Aaron

    I could of swore #43 was a "real girl" you buy online

  • Andy

    35 your company accepting applications?

  • Ctwhite


  • Bildo

    #45 I like her better without the make-up

  • Faraday

    Dear Sarah,
    Thank you.

  • Guestchiver23

    #17 moar and marry her!!

  • Awesome

    21 and 26, god bless you good sirs.

  • rob

    did i just read a page full of 9gag ripoffs with a few chivettes pasted in between ?

  • Nathan

    #45 WAAAAYYYY Prettier without makeup

  • Titan

    Oh Oh #47 Eilean Donan castle, that is like my favourite spot in the world. Who would have guessed it would appear on Chive.

  • baker

    #31 never give her one! On a side note i stared at #41 for at least 5 min before realize i was still staring

  • Anonymous

    Is this best photos of the week or shit chive reposted cuz they think we are retards?

  • http://twitter.com/tonytouch24kt @tonytouch24kt

    #45 The exact reason more chicks need to go natural and leave the make up on the shelves. Beautiful.

  • Dizz
  • Dizz


    I love technology.

  • scottish chiver

    #47 is eaileen donan castle in scotland bud x x beautiful place :-D. SCOTLAND that is

  • hkd

    Ummm hope noone you work with sees this pic bc ya might end up bored at home with no jobby job. Boobs only next time no head come on now

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