‘Dark Vador burger’ looks like a healthy alternative to Mercury (7 Photos)


  • Jaco

    Normally they use Squid Ink to color food black.

  • omcdurham

    It's a damn burger on pumpernickel! Get over yourselves!

  • Fifa

    WAS Belgian, France bought it. 😦

  • guest123

    Actually it's called a charcoal bread. Not sure how they do it but it's pretty common everywhere except in america where anything black is either squid ink or in jail.

  • Dan

    looks better then anything thats ever come out of McDonalds or Burger King

  • sardino

    i dont get it why everyone thinks its so gross. Oreos are black as well.

  • Fred

    It is intriguing and is a must try. Anything Star Wars of novelty, I am eager to try. They also have australia pork bacon to try.

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