Food stuffed with WTF (42 photos)

  • Yes.

    #20 it’s uh.. Weed rat, rotisserie style.

  • CzarCzarBinks


  • Andy Pants


    Call me crazy, but as a chubby chaser I find the lady next to him kinda hot. 🙂

  • Pants

    #5 Bacohkiin!!!

  • alex

    I would LOVE #31

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #22 FIND HER!!!

  • jhf60

    There are times when I need a fix, and only the scarfing down of a #29, will satisfy that craving.

  • Jewels

    I am sooo making one of these for the kids on the weekend!! #31


    I’ve played 39 at a buger joint and won unfortunatly the idiots didn’t serve lobster!!! So I had to take it home and make myself. Best lobster I’ve ever eatin for a dollar.

  • jbarnes

    #31 i think i may have just … yep its all over

  • Dan

    #29 said it right. I'll be damned before I ever enjoy the company of a Scottsman

  • Mouchette

    All this shit is foul.

  • Alex

    #35 challenge accepted

  • baker

    only in america

  • Ceejhay

    Makes me Hungry for MOOAAARRR!!!

  • Red Ruby

    #3 – Something smells fishy here……

  • R. watts

    #37…. I want you….. I need you in my life.

  • Anomanom

    #2 Nobody here likes chicken feet? Those are good. Never had the heads though.
    #20 I'd give it a go. I wonder what kind of sauce would go with that.

  • Falthor

    #3 I see nothing wrong here and I'm not the biggest fan of sushi…

  • SadeShadz

    #2 I blurted out WTF in the office *face palm*

  • BigSoren

    Correction: It's THE CRAAAAW!!!!!

  • anan676

    #3 dibs on the serving dish

  • Mak

    #31 my life will not be complete until I have had this orgasmicness inside my mouth…

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