It doesn’t take a superhero to Find Her (34 Photos)

  • mike

    #5 makes my peepee tingle.

  • mike

    BTW is #11 a fish?

  • zoxymusic

    #3 So Nice!

    • whyme1973

      Smoking body and beautiful face. Hope they are able to find her and give her a gallery of her own.

  • Stevie Jay

    Not bad…

  • Equinox

    #4 Yes. #11 No.

    • cwmuse

      #11 looks like an alien

      • Ray T

        Doesn't even look real

        • Dan

          She was on Chive earlier, sans makeup. Looked better without the makeup

      • Fish On

        Something is horribly wrong with her eyes

      • Yusef

        If you look at this link, you can tell it's just a weird picture of her. Her eyes look fine, and she looks perfect. Idk what the hell is up with that picture. She just doesn't need makeup. One of the only girls who looks WAY better without makeup.

    • Hero_Status

      Yes Yes

    • JEMacK

      Haha! Those were the exact words I said when I saw those pics!

    • Aoi

      #4 Bertha Nieves

      • Tomas

        Thank you, kind sir! B)

      • Equinox

        You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Thank you.

      • D3AN

        Wow, she just changed my conception of women named "Bertha"

      • schmold

        wtf i thought she was Amanda Helen Tam….

    • nobb1e

      zzzz bertha nieves is a profile someone made up. amanda helan tam

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Do your thing Chive. All these beautiful women deserve MOAR!!!! Oh yeah post 2!! Closest I’ve been!

  • Peter

    1) photoshop in my cock
    2) fap

  • Mike

    #4. I heart you

    • Aoi

      Bertha Nieves

      • schmold

        Amanda Helen Tam

  • BigPup

    #5 Where jizums go to die…

    • Underbaker

      That is a very fine ass, but it is so fine that it is already at a thousand other sites and near impossible to track down where it came from. (near impossible = I'm too lazy to try without getting paid)

      • whyme1973

        Hopefully someone out there knows. That is a great ass.

        • will

          maybe Andie Valentino?????

        • ChronicUser

          Ashley Ann Vickers I think

      • CluckinChicken

        Could be Jennifer Metcalfe (a British Soap Actress)

    • Hero_Status

      Aylar Lie i'm pretty sure?

    • RLG

      Mya Jane I'm certain

    • LincolnLog


      Yup. Definitely Gina Carano.

      • @eoinarmstrong

        If that's Gina Carano, firstly yay! Secondly, we have to get frontage.

      • Underbaker
        • AdamBaldick

          Mother of god

        • EoinArmstrong

          That ain't Gina – I know some sites say it is, but it isn't 😦

          • Underbaker

            But it does bare a good resemblance to the lady above.

  • dave


    • GomerPyle


  • moontrip


  • The Chird

    #19 – fache is required but still love what I see. Chive on

  • MOAR

    #12 Where is a strong breeze when you need one?

    • mike

      I'm assuming the one on the left knows her top is on upside down, but she is a blond.

  • tralfaz


    In the great words of Eddie Money – "I think I'm in love"

  • that_dude_b

    #5 i doubt she will ever be found, but she can be posted in every find gallery so i can look at this again.

    • Hero_Status

      Aylar Lie i'm pretty sure

  • AssClown

    #16 It doesn't take a superhero to find her; it takes an AssClown to find her.
    Catalina Otalvaro

    • Cider Drinker

      give that man a bonio … .good job sir!

    • @jrbritanico

      MOOAR Catalina Otalvaro!!

  • Lawrence

    #5… yes please….

  • Cake

    Saw #5, no longer cared about the rest. and btw, #11 is not a fish but appears to be Olivia Wilde’s little sis.

    • Aran

      cover up #11 left side of her face, good looking. cover up the right side, eh. put them together, Oh Helllll Nahhhh

  • jgbeaner

    #10 is bashful Brittany

    • GernBlansten

      I just googled her, and she isn't very bashful at all.

    • Shawn

      Can't wait for her to Pop out them fuckers. Enough with this Bashful Crap! 😉

  • nnn

    #31 I've been thinking this one for a while

    • Slankyj

      you aint the only one!

    • BuckeyeChive

      I thought I was the only one!

  • BigPup

    #11 Am I the only one who thinks she is walking a fine line between creepy and hot?

    • Nope

      Fine line?? What the hell is wrong with her eyes? Well, at least the one trying to escape from her nose? The only way the turn that thing in to hot is to dress her up as a pirate..

    • Matt

      Nope, I thought the same thing. She just has "that look" of a girl who's hot but insane.

    • akabobo

      What is it that is creepy? Very exotically hot!

      • Mattman

        The creepy thing in question is that her left eye (the one closest to the window) is further away from her nose than the other eye. Is it a photoshop mistake or natural? Either way it's a little distracting but still a very beautiful face.

    • Kodos

      doesn't matter, have sex…

    • drbman

      she is hot in an alienlike way right?!!

      • BigPup

        That's kinda what I was thinking but god forbid you say anything negative about a girl on here because some virgin fapper is likely to flame your ass till next Tuesday.

    • Martha

      I couldn't tell if it was creepy or a pretty girl screwed up by bad photoshop…

    • Sqott

      Whys everybody freaking out. Shes slighly imperfect? Ive seen girls in real life with the same affliction, still soulda smashed. If anything this brings her down a notch and maybe now all of you might have a chance with her.

    • drew

      id still nail it

    • Doug

      What is with all the negativity ! Relax and enjoy 😉

  • slo


  • ghostdog1977

    #18 is Jennifer Dark. Look her up on, but remember, NSFW. She's, umm… really smart. Ya. That's it.

    • Peeeeet

      No its not J. Dark, Its Sona Skoncova from Slovakia

      • ghostdog1977

        I defer. You sir are a hero to fappers worldwide.

  • therealstake

    #10. Bashful Brittany. go google. Youre welcome.

  • Coach
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