• steveisawesome

    Boobies…… lets let bygones be bygones and you just go watch some BET and ill go whatch some white entertainment television…….oh wait I forgot WET doesn’t exist….hmm maybe I should go harass BET…or not because I have better shit to do…CHIVE ON

  • Bruce CL

    Gary Busey dead on!

  • CarpeDiem

    Keep calm and chive on! Let the haters hate… True chivers don’t discriminate.

  • Cassidy


  • Jace

    Not married. Shacked up I think though.

  • Simon

    Kristen Stewart showing emotion? Clearly shopped!



    #22 that’s fucking awesome

  • Mattchew

    2012. Who’d of thought it’d only take 4 years to miss George W?

  • Mattchew

    2012. Who’d of thought it’d only take 4 years to miss George W?

    No one. That’s who.

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  • Ulvhade

    #1 No need to go any farther, my day has been made

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    […] From: theCHIVE » Motivational […]

  • dustin_b3

    #24 Shit like this is starting to make me lose faith in The Chive…. smh

  • Brittany

    I am in definate need of this shirt!

  • Jboarder37

    Why do I feel pretty good about not being able to understand #23?

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t know Katie was a deadhead

  • drod

    #5 #8 #18 – all awesome.

    • drod

      sorry, I meant #19

  • A Guy

    #6 Like a nerdy boss. They seem not to mind, either.😉

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