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    • pooper

      uhh thats how the internet works. people share stuff.

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  • Tate

    Who let's their kids listen to stuff like that?

    • KAI

      Well they are in Japan and probably don't know what they are saying….

    • Jake

      Serious trash music

  • Dakota

    until she took off her hat i thought her hair was a part of her shirt

  • Joel

    Does anyone else think the music selection is a tad inappropriate for her? Haha

    • michael

      she probably doesnt know what any of it means like most of the people in asia

  • tosh

    you will never be as good as those little asians.

  • Ahoy


  • Doctor_Krieger

    she should be in dance central 3 lol

  • http://twitter.com/tylerneilson @tylerneilson

    Anyone know where to buy a hoodie like that?

  • danmac

    This and Toddlers and Tiaras is exactly what's wrong with the world today.
    My mother didn't talk to me for a week because she overheard me listening to The Bad Touch by the Bloodhound Gang. I was 19.

  • asdf

    this looks fucking stupid


    well that was as annoying as cat saturday…….

  • nick

    this is fucking retarded.


    It was so cute in adorable!! ^.^

  • Art


  • Chris Matos

    I guess they don't know what the lyrics are saying? HAHAHAHAHA lost in translation! BILL MURRAAAYYYY

  • Bougie hoes anonymus

    hoe will be hoe so i couldnt blame tammy

  • Devin

    Was the first song some kind of yonkers ripoff? Golf Wang

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