People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today (45 Photos – SESSION CLOSED)

It's Monday and nobody can be truly happy on a Monday. So let's have a little fun here. If the world ended today who are the people you wouldn't really miss all that much? Feel free to submit places and things as well, whatever or whomever really chaps your ass is fair game. Most of all, be creative (no political figures, we're not trying to start a flame war.)

We're sitting at our desks ready to take your submissions. SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com (submissions to theCHIVE submit page will not be counted ) and we'll post your submissions as they come in. Happy Monday, everybody!


SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO: endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com. (Submissions to theCHIVE Submit page will not be counted).


  • Anonymous

    First to this shit post

  • akbrown006

    I dont even know why he is holding tanning spray…

    • GernBlansten

      That's not tanning spray, that is the new Summer's Eve breath spray.

    • gron

      covers up the bruises on the chick he is yelling at.

    • sweetchivette

      ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe hes scared of getting to dark… oh am fucked up lol oh well

    • Mr. H

      that's pepper spray, you know, for them bitches…

    • Duke

      He's yelling at the seagull. I hope it pecks his eyes out.

    • Trollface

      So black men aren't allowed to get darker if they want to? Let the man oil himself up! Maybe he'll forget to roll over one day, will burst into flames, and die.

  • JustinZ


    • Aran

      maybe at suckin dick at life

    • @theterryburke

      person we wouldn't miss if the world ended is "JustinZ" for being "that guy"

      • manwhorealert

        Welcome back Mr.Gentile ,seems you were really enjoying the dirty panties she sent you.

    • Underbaker

      Thanks for reminding us. Wouldn't miss anyone who states "First, second, third, last, …) on TheChive.

    • Gunn3r916

      ha ha the dis like number is 69

      • allex

        OMFG I MADE THE ILST!!! FISRT !!!!!

    • Big Charles

      i see what you did there!

    • slendercam

      Congrats. I'd give you a trophy, but I'm all out of Fucktard Awards.

  • Anonymous

    Casey Anthony…. Agree

  • YO!

    Needs more Jerry Sandusky

    • ShowerWithSandusky

      like yo butt.

    • AssClown

      Am I allowed to say Fred Phelps and all his demonic minions fuckers in the Westboro Baptist Church?


    This is a clorine in the gene pool moment

    • truth


  • Aran


  • Geoff

    skrillex, lil wayne, justin bieber. just to name a few

    • HHU

      skrillex? really?


      • The Queeeen

        Yes, really. F*ck Skrillex.

        • HHU

          See? full of win.

          • The Queeeen

            All I saw (and heard) was shit.

        • thumbs down if nazi

          umad jelly bro

    • @edge191

      skrillex has done nothing to hurt anyone, Bieber is annoying, but harmless. Lil Wayne is the only one in your list that makes sense.

      • The_Dood

        Chris Brown?
        And just for good measure, I like to share this whenever given the opportunity…
        Easily the best thing to ever occur on Fox News.
        Also, fuck Chris Brown.

        • PDiddily420

          Fuck You Dood, No one will ever miss you

        • F N A

          wow just thumbs up dood

  • Stoale


  • drea619

    i wouldnt miss paula the troll

    • Paula_

      Yes you would. I'm the itchy spot you just NEED to scratch….

      – forever under your skin

      • Huell

        More like the piece of corn you can't get out of your teeth.

        • Paula_

          Why would you shove a corn up your teeth?

          – Idontgetit

        • Charlie_Cheen

          Paula is more like a piece of corn in your shit and she keeps picking it out and forcing you to eat it over and over.

    • PDiddily420

      No one would, Plain and simple she's a huge douchette

  • Stuf sucks

    #1 And you too boobies / stuf. Take a boat back home

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t miss anyone, if the world ended so would I

  • kirah


    • whos.mike

      I'd knock that up for the money.

      • kirah

        really??? just the fact that she is walking around breathing is enough for abstinence. she should be a poster child for vasectomy's !

        • Wrong

          You spelled "castration" wrong.

    • BanffChiver

      I would rip my own arm off just to have something to beat her with!

  • Seth L

    Please add the cast of Jersey Shore..

    or all of Jersey.

  • ST33

    rachel maddow

    • Bored

      Agreed…I hate that fuckin' dude.

    • Althing

      Wait, I thought Justin Beiber was just Rachel Maddow's attempt at an alter ego persona like Garth Brooks tried some years ago.

    • Red

      No shit, what a pig it is.

  • HuskerDu

    Everyone bags on Casey Anthony…

    She’s a perfect girlfriend. Down with the party, and a built in plan b for barebackin’ it.


  • The Queeeen

    Really? You wouldn't miss her annoying f*cking voice? Or the way she goes through black guys the way she goes through panties?

    • The Queeeen

      Oops I meant #3

      • The Queeeen

        GODDAMMIT QUIT CHANGING IT! Yes, I meant Kim in the first place

        • Bryan

          they both go through so many panties

        • stumeister

          Both got annoying voices

      • chicago

        both are pigs. no worries.

        • The Queeeen

          Hahahaha ZING!!!

    • ezhammer

      that's a little harsh….she doesn't change her panties that much.

    • indesignkat

      a few people on this list I've never heard of, and a few I have that I know nothing about. This one, though… she looks like fun. Though based on the comments you have to be black to ride. And roughly nearby, and that's all, apparently.

    • Cantaloupe

      wtf does black have to do with anything?

  • JDub

    Anyone from jersey shore!

    • coinbank

      *everyone 🙂

  • GernBlansten

    WTF Chive. Quit changing the picture numbers, it screws up the comments.

    The Kim Kardashian picture is the only one I have ever seen where I might actually consider hitting it…..

    • Paula_

      <img src=""&gt;

      Btw MADE IT!!! Whodunnit?

      – the one you love to hate

      • Yeah..

        The hat is not what makes those guys look like douches.

  • echogeo

    Probably the same dick that came up with that annoying gecko with the British accent. Use that thing as fish bait.

    • phydor


      • cindy b

        i thought i was the only one who found it hilarious

    • cherylbirch

      Seriously, I love Piggy! Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just remind myself, "Wheeeeeeee! Whee, whee, whee, wheeeeeeeeeee!"…. Never fails to turn my day around.

    • SEB

      Anyone that likes the pig has to be just as annoying..The best pig is smoked pig

    • majorfathead

      umm the Gecko has an Aussie accennt

      • majorfathead

        *accent mate

        • Jimmy C

          Always thought it sounded like a Cockney type accent.

  • Jimbob Jones

    Wow Bill O'Reilly isn't here yet..

    • thatguy

      Or even Rush Limbaugh. But didn't you know the chive leans to the right. But they still most of their content from a left leaning site (reddit)

      • unoriginal guy

        Where the hell is barack obama???

        • Mac'n'Dee's

          off being the president of the united states.

      • Steamboat Willie

        Can we add people who don't know the difference between the words still and steal to the list?

  • mr.plow

    where's carrot top?


      #2 Right here.

      • 2pumpdump

        #15 there fixed it for ya

    • furrypoo

      Ummmmmmmmm………………….in yer poop furr area of yer butt

  • Notsofast

    #7 Fuck you, Maxwell rules!

  • blahhhh

    Rex Ryan.. DO IT!

  • PubicJones

    #3 Mike Tyson does not belong on here.

    • Navin R. Johnson

      Yeah, tyson has changed his life. does that make up for the rape? of course not. but at what point do we give the guy some props for trying.

    • Adam

      That was and still is the only video game I ever mastered. Tyson is a biotch in that game until you figure out the pattern. IRL he has had a tough life and still has issues but seems to be going in a better direction now.

    • Jeff

      Swap Tyson for Bald Bull the second time. Big Turkish bastard and his stupid charge.

    • caleb

      Nope, LeBron doesn't belong on here. He hasn't done a goddamn thing besides make the best choice for him and his family. Also, he spends countless hours with underprivileged kids named Chris Bosh.

    • Dr Sidaredes

      007 373 5964

      • Yeah

        007 373 5963. You have to dial one number higher for the FUTURE, not the past…

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