People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today (45 Photos – SESSION CLOSED)

It's Monday and nobody can be truly happy on a Monday. So let's have a little fun here. If the world ended today who are the people you wouldn't really miss all that much? Feel free to submit places and things as well, whatever or whomever really chaps your ass is fair game. Most of all, be creative (no political figures, we're not trying to start a flame war.)

We're sitting at our desks ready to take your submissions. SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com (submissions to theCHIVE submit page will not be counted ) and we'll post your submissions as they come in. Happy Monday, everybody!


SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO: endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com. (Submissions to theCHIVE Submit page will not be counted).


  • Bob Gon

    chive, you really do just get us so well. each and every one of those people suck so hard at life. the only other person absolutely necessary that needed to be on this list is nancy grace

    • Andrew

      I sent that one in but it didn’t make it!!

  • Alex

    You forgot Joe Buck.

  • skuz

    #35 is the only one i disagree with, i love limp bizket they kept their sound on their newest album and it still harder then anything out now a days so im sorry but that guy stays as far as im concerned

    and what the fuck is a skrillix?

    • Shane

      Fred Durst is a worthless waste of stem cells. Lamb of God is way, WAY heavier than Limp Biscuit.

  • Name

    Collinsworth is the best NFL color guy out there, no one else is close.

  • sirtedward

    You forgot Nicki Minaj!!!!

  • Anonymous

    charlie sheen? the mans got tigers blood!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe Pierre McGuire isn’t on here!!!

  • 😢

    It makes me real sad when you hate on Adele.

  • jay77

    Roethlisberger, Vick, and any athlete that complains about being underpayed for playing a game! P.S. Madonna sucks!

  • Jake

    I love Tim Tebow….

  • lisa

    I love u chivers. U know what is in my soul.

  • yourmomsface

    Donald Trump should have made it al

  • yourmomsface

    Donald Trump should have made it along with the list. I cant stand his orange face and horrible hair. I love that Tebow is on it!

  • Jonathan Cox

    #24 I'll miss you Guy

  • Anonymous

    Adele? WTF?!?! Why? Have a heart you heartless bastard!

  • The Voice of Reason

    # 25 Haters gonna hate

  • wistfuld

    Really? Anne Heche? Relevant how?

  • The Voice of Reason

    #25 Haters gonna gate

  • Mehoff

    If the world ended, could anyone miss anything?

  • Maverick363

    You left out a few but overall good work

  • sol

    tiger does not belong on this list. jealous pricks trying to take away from a guy who's got more talent in his toe than they will ever have

  • Scott

    Why Braun? Because he has talent and some douche bag accused him of a false positive? Whoever made this list should top it.

  • Anonymous

    What about stuf?

  • JLBugbee

    #6 #13 #25
    Yes Yes and Yes

  • Jmar

    Phillip Rivers does not belong with this group, lookin at you “madonna’s groos arms”!

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