People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today (45 Photos – SESSION CLOSED)

It's Monday and nobody can be truly happy on a Monday. So let's have a little fun here. If the world ended today who are the people you wouldn't really miss all that much? Feel free to submit places and things as well, whatever or whomever really chaps your ass is fair game. Most of all, be creative (no political figures, we're not trying to start a flame war.)

We're sitting at our desks ready to take your submissions. SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com (submissions to theCHIVE submit page will not be counted ) and we'll post your submissions as they come in. Happy Monday, everybody!


SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO: endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com. (Submissions to theCHIVE Submit page will not be counted).


  • Anonymous

    Whoever said cris collinsworth is a fucking retard

  • Anonymous

    Whoever said cris collinsworth is a piece of shit

    • Vafaen

      Collinsworth is a piece of shit.

  • Matman

    I would love to know the ten most popular entries from this list.

    And for the record, football would be better to watch on TV without Collinsworthless.

  • Hunter

    charlie sheen is a flipping true american hero! He should be the background for the chive permanently… talk about a guy who can chive the f on!

  • Ha

    #33 29 25. Perfect! Glad someone posted all
    of these in my absence!

  • Falthor

    #39 i know I'm gonna get pissed on for this but really don't write whatsherface off until you have seen her and Dakota Fanning in "The Runaways" She actually can act.

    • GambitFW

      I did. She still can’t. Not in Adventureland either.

      • Falthor

        totally forgot she was in adventureland… everyone int hat film was overshadowed by the former Kid int he hall… i should know his name as a canadian but I don't.

  • Darnell

    P. Rivers is the man! Go Pack!!!

  • WaikikiWayne

    #12 Is that like the Black Plague on her hand?

  • Mattchew

    What a wonderful list. I’d have put pitbull on here every 3rd or 4th pic. Overall, well done.

    P.S. fuck you Chris Brown. You’re suite in hell is reserved in the child molester wing you smug, overrated, poser schmuck. And fuck anyone who puts you on a song, video or plays you on the radio. Bad, bad things await you and your skinny jean wearing ass. Biatch. You couldn’t even hold Biebers jock, er, purse.

    Too much?

  • SubAverageJoe

    Black Eyed Peas. They. Are. Terrible…

  • Kett

    Phillip Rivers? WTF?? Y U No Like?

    He's the man..

  • Conchy Joe

    Whomever runs the Chives T-Shirt planning department …. too few shirts every time if the system even works

  • Ali

    Yup, agree with most of those #9 for sure, what a cheat

  • Anonymous

    I hope all but sheen see this and rinse their mouth out with a revolver!

  • T. Stoglin

    Austin Rivers needs to be on this list

  • Uncle Sam

    Lloyd banks and tony yayo should have been adde to this list.

  • woot1

    amen to #7

  • IceColdBuddha



  • Ashley

    What is wrong with madonna’s arms? And can we please add George W. Bush?

  • Anonymous

    Love it. Love everything about it.

  • dizz


  • demoncat4

    have to agree with the pig in fact surprise he is not number one next to the jersey shore and twilight cast. though would have only put spencer prat on the list for heidi her only crime was she hooked up with spencer

  • Nick

    Nobody cared to throw a few dictators in the mix? Or douchebags that are really screwing up the world? Although Twilight and Jersey Shore were both enormous setbacks to the human race.

  • Anonymous

    #23 Is she wearing… Meat? WTF and #43 WTF is wrong with Madonna? WOW she looks like absolute cold dehydrated shit!

  • dablizzack


    I know Cris* personally. He is a rather nice guy….

    but on air… God save us all

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