People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today (45 Photos – SESSION CLOSED)

It's Monday and nobody can be truly happy on a Monday. So let's have a little fun here. If the world ended today who are the people you wouldn't really miss all that much? Feel free to submit places and things as well, whatever or whomever really chaps your ass is fair game. Most of all, be creative (no political figures, we're not trying to start a flame war.)

We're sitting at our desks ready to take your submissions. SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com (submissions to theCHIVE submit page will not be counted ) and we'll post your submissions as they come in. Happy Monday, everybody!


SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO: endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com. (Submissions to theCHIVE Submit page will not be counted).


  • Rusty

    It sucks that as you add new photos the numbers get thrown off, in turn ruining people's comments.

    • Paula_

      <img src=""&gt;
      – the one you love to hate

      • Jennifer

        I like PENIS

      • PDiddily420

        If you buried Paula you would have to declare the site a hazardest Waste area

        • cwk

          nice spelling taint basket

  • BenG

    Eminem will not be missed

    • The_Dood

      I would have to disagree with you if I hadn't heard his two latest albums…

      • PDiddily420

        you opinion doesn't count anyway asswipe

        • bro is a fag

          You're a fag

    • Petey

      Eminem is the greatest rapper since Biggie/Tupac, you shut your whore mouth

    • Well..

      Letting you know that
      You're not alone
      Holla if you feel like
      He has used up his Trope

  • pyrostevenson

    no one has mentioned the entire cast of Jersey Shore yet? im almost ashamed

  • bones

    Yeah, wouldn't miss that bitch!

    • bones

      #9 that bitch!

    • bones

      What the fuck ever, that Casey Fucking Anthony BITCH!

  • BenG

    Eminem shall not be missed.

  • gron

    #11 really? as far as commercials go, I kinda liked that one.

  • jeston23

    Pro: My Adele pic was submitted!
    Con: Have to see that bitches face yet again.

    • P90

      I'm not even a fan of Adele but she in no way deserves to be in a list with the rest of these douchebags.

  • Brad

    The fuckers that put "first."

  • BostonChiver.

    #5 Absolutely would not miss Rivers…not just because I'm a Pat's fan.

    • Rusty

      As a Chiefs fan we have to deal with that douche-rocket twice a year. That was my submission and I'm damn proud of it.

      • herbert

        I would miss Rivers, he's a damn fine QB, save for last season.

      • miggy

        oh…so your just a hatin, cause he whips your teams ass every year? Now I get it. 😛

        • BostonChiver.

          I'm pretty sure we haven't lost to the Chargers in 3 years?

        • Rusty

          Chiefs have split with the Chargers the last two years and the best part is one ended on a Philip Rivers interception in the endzone and the other a Philip Rivers fumbled snap…I've never been happier about a win.

          The guy is talented, no doubt about it, but he's the biggest whiner in the game.

    • miggy

      Really? Rivers? I figured there would be way worse than him…Brady, Cutler, Tebow, Favre…just to name a few.

      • BostonChiver.

        My QB is Brady, Tebow will weed himself out and the other two are irrelevant.

      • B&G

        Cutler takes the cake, then Romo, Then Rivers.

  • Carter

    skip bayless

  • Gabe

    Easy- "Flo" from the Progressive Insurance commercials. And any one on any of the shows my kids constantly watch on Disney XD (or any of the writers, producers, agents, camera crew, or any one with any other affiliation with putting those piles of shit on TV)

    • B&G

      I'd hate fuck flo

  • Turtle

    Whitney Houston! Oh…wait…nevermind

    • Albus Q

      Over two weeks clean and sober though

  • Chadwick

    I'm Pretty Sure this little fuck should be on here.

  • Sanj

    Whoever thought that the concept of this post would be a good idea.

  • yessir

    KANYE WEST… nuff said

  • JustSuper

    #6 I would miss Adele

    • JustSuper

      Thats definitely not Adele. Would not miss Kim Kartrashian

      • Sluttypanda

        Idk, I see a striking resemblance

  • Anonymous

    How about the people who buy then sell any of the chive shirts for a absurd amount of money and are not chivers…fuck them.up there stupid asses….

  • WTF?

    Anyone else having problems w/ the app not loading all the galleries?

    • albus q

      yes and it's very annoying

  • tim

    LeBron "I'm still better than you" James

  • Anonymous

    Justin Bieber didn’t make it as fast as i thought he would

  • echogeo

    Bill Maher?

  • OpMongoose

    I'm so glad I really don't know who #8 and #9 are and I could beat Tyson after about 2 hours of practice

  • Greenie

    #7 along with the producers

  • How about?

    Lyndsey Lohan?

    Fox News?


  • jbob

    adele is the only popular musician out there that doesnt totally blow.

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