People you wouldn’t miss if the world ended today (45 Photos – SESSION CLOSED)

It's Monday and nobody can be truly happy on a Monday. So let's have a little fun here. If the world ended today who are the people you wouldn't really miss all that much? Feel free to submit places and things as well, whatever or whomever really chaps your ass is fair game. Most of all, be creative (no political figures, we're not trying to start a flame war.)

We're sitting at our desks ready to take your submissions. SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com (submissions to theCHIVE submit page will not be counted ) and we'll post your submissions as they come in. Happy Monday, everybody!


SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO: endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com. (Submissions to theCHIVE Submit page will not be counted).


  • Aliens from Space

    Everybody here
    <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

    • Holmespump


      • 'Merica

        Landing in mexico would be like entering a house through the bathroom window.

    • Nilocor

      Bad day, champ?

  • paulbeforeswine

    There's no doubt who tops MY list: NICOLAS CAGE.

    Seriously. Dude can't act, has terrible hair, and is ugly as shit. Pretty much like the rest of us, yet incomprehensibly gets work in Hollywood. For shame.

  • Tigger

    Angelina Jolie!!!

  • JDB85

    Ya ya, it's alright man. Mencia does have a perdy mouth….

    • BigRick69

      I loled in class. thanks for that.

  • jjj

    #20 #21 I'd still hit it

    • Paula_

      – Famous meow!

      • PDiddily420

        STFU Slut

  • The dude

    I lothe the jersey shore cast. And the toddlers and tiaras. A+ chive. Fucking pollution.

  • QMC Steve

    This post is AWSOME!! You made my Monday, thanks chive!!

  • Toe

    Take Belichick and Brady off this list

    • Guest


  • TJ

    Too bad there wasn’t a “first” guy! That would’ve been priceless

  • bigtimebeercan

    This list just filled me with rage knowing that they are still alive.

  • kris

    Holy sh!t i already thought fred durst had dissapeared from the face of the earth

  • LoganExplosion

    Pretty good list you got going there.
    shia labeouf
    Mob Wives cast
    Real housewives of (or anyone from just about any "reality T.V." show)

    • SoBe Bound

      Shia LaDouche definitely needs to be added to the list.

  • Loud@theClouds

    I’d miss LBJ, but I def wouldn’t miss all you HEAT haters

  • Rio

    Nick Cage

  • Althing

    You forgot President Obama

  • hater

    Michael Vick
    Heidi & Spencer

    Sorry, Dont have pics to send in

  • Rio

    Bill Maher is a fucking douche!
    Rascal Flatts are gay too
    Teen Mom cast

  • USF Bull Rugger


    She's on par with Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mossolini, and the people who hired the Sham Wow guy….

  • Sean Holden

    Seriously, no Westboro Baptist Church Protesters?

  • AtotheJ

    Kathy Griffin – she's annoying and has a weird shaped head.

  • Tim Vergeer

    Where's Rick Santorum?

  • daveh873

    No one submitted a picture of the NY Yankees roster?

  • 579

    nancy grace

  • Jojo

    lol wth. No one from Faux News? XD

    • tad

      I hate fox entertainment

  • Niall

    Whenever I hear pitbull i want to stab the DJ!!!

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