Search your feelings, you know this to be true (30 Photos)

  • BigPup

    #3 Me too…

  • gtommy

    #3 me too..

  • monsieurloti

    Seems legit

  • etcrr

    #1 I finally got my picture posted on the Chive, thanks be to Jesus

  • anthony

    #12 still would bang

    • ChelseaRules

      I'd like to see you try.

      …Wait *pictures it*… NO! I take it back! Never!

  • etcrr

    #8 Don't worry about school in my family!

  • bones

    #29 got me

  • digitalpimp

    #25 Light is only so fast.

    • Tava

      I don't work for XKCD or anything, I just really love that site.
      And Wil kicks ass too.

    • Hermes

      Mixing theChive and XKCD???
      You're toying with powerful forces here.
      I hope you know what you're doing.

      • top

        I want a Chive XKCD tshirt crossover!

  • Daniel_Puckett

    #30 – forgot to add "takes all of my future spending money on hookers away"

  • Zedhere

    #30 and it also reminds me of all the money I spent.

    • jer

      $43k SL debt for a 4 year degree, I have $375 / month payments, weeeee doggy was that worthless

      • chris

        What about expanding your mind and developing thinking/reasoning skills? But actually using my library card did that for me as well.

      • ThatGuy

        You should really plan better. I'm about to graduate with less than less than 5k in debts. Feels good man.

  • thaomeow

    #6, this is what happens when their instruction manuals are nothing but pictures.

    • LucretiusCaro

      And when you can't tell if that one little dot is actually meant to be a fourteenth screw hole of if it's just some smudge on there from the shit printing.

      Damn you, Sweden. Damn you all to hell.

      • Jimbo

        We're not proud of it.

  • Seldi84

    #4 #6 #10 All made me laugh.

  • ISU Birds

    #23 Very True indeed.

    • OhSomeEvil

      best fucking show

  • All mighty Craig

    find #29 chive, i know you can do it:) also, i'd like to not while her assets are titillating, her face is gorgeous as well

    • tylrd67

      You're welcome!

      • pantibiblon

        I love Soyacide…..half time nerd full time panda

        • ben

          …and part of the time naked!

          • jason

            But crazy 100% of the time. That's what it takes to carve a Harry Potter slash in your head.

    • drea619


      • ozi ozi ozi oi oi oi

        true,she carved a harry potter scar into her head, carved it herself too


    #30 Sad but true

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #18 I'm 32…true story

    • spicticus

      I must admit I always wondered why he had issues when it came to the sex part. He was always complaining about that (from what I remember).

      • Ned Plimpton

        Because sex with the same woman gets old after a while, especially when you get home from a job you hate and no dinner waiting for you.

        • spicticus

          I agree with the no dinner but the sex part should take the job off the mind, especially with cans that size.

    • Gahma-Cohma-Lahma

      I still want to bang Al's daughter.

  • tommytwotime

    #10 is the best thing I've ever seen!!!! hahahahaha!!!!

  • KingThing

    That ain't not shit…. My dog will run through broken glass and swim through lava to get away from the vacuum……and that's before I even turn it on.
    Well done!

  • bill

    #1 like he has choice

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #1 she needs the same shirt… it is a she, right? :/

  • echogeo

    Cats too.

  • jasonsapunka

    #1 Anyone else notice the photobomb?

    • Huell

      You mean the fat fuck in the top right?? Nah…. Didn't see him.

    • Master_Rahl

      this whole pic is one giant photobomb


    But there is an "M" and an "E" in team and cunt!

  • whyme1973

    #29 I only noticed the face first due to slow scrolling.

  • Edwin Winnipeg

    #1 that kid's wearing a t shirt from "Pod People" a mystery science theatre classic

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