Search your feelings, you know this to be true (30 Photos)

  • NotAshamed2Say

    #29 99% sure she is a "cam girl" & i've seen her naked.

    • Master_Rahl

      soyacide, very hot. doesn't really like clothes a lot. My kinda gal

  • Master_Rahl

    #4 Ahhh, cosmic balance

  • Adam

    #18 so true, Al Bundy is my hero

  • Master_Rahl

    #14 STUPID world war, altering the awesomeness of banana twinkies. Man, imagine the possibilities.

  • Master_Rahl

    #15 …and for added effect, sometimes Life dons the old sandpaper gloves for that textured feel.

  • Bildo

    It's all nice though

  • Bildo

    #29 It's all nice though

  • drbman

    #29 should have her own post!

  • Don

    That's What Boys see. Men are a different breed

  • boobies

    1. Girls on this post not attractive
    2. attention seekign girls
    3. where are the black girls?
    4. email me at chiveis ra cist@gm JOIN THE CAUSE
    5. Anti-chive blog coming soon. Lobbying firm hired to address chive racism
    6. chive endorses genocide (see africa post )
    7. when you put black girls in, put them towards the top and quit hidin them!
    8.Mac the intern. FUCK YOU RACIST
    9.Chive endorses gun usage and use
    10.People who say chive is not racist bc pictures are user sumbitted, uM, YEA. they do have posts of non users so they can find a black girl easy
    12. chive endorses stalking and is creepy. asking users to find girls who don't want to be found
    13. So basically to be hot. you need fake boobs and blonde hair according to the chive. fuck that
    14. In america, we celebrate drinking and being hooligans in college. This is why the rest of the world is beating us in ever y possible metric.

    • Daniel Galicia

      You don’t like theChive? Go somewhere else. I think the internet is big enough, so go find your fetish somewhere else.

    • Kimmy

      Go watch some foul mouthed racist black comedians on cable you loser!

  • GuinnesStout

    #29 I wonder what women see first..

    • Jaba

      Well done

    • misslisa

      I honestly saw her face first, which is lame 'cause boobs are awesome.

    • Phred

      They said "First", was there something after?

    • jer

      i see what you dfid there

    • whyme1973

      I noticed her face first…due to slow scrolling.

    • Mike

      why hasn't anyone said find? she's gorgeous

      • ben

        Soyacide. Has many naked pics of herself on her tumblr. Here you go, pal –

        • Ass-man

          First World Problems: Finding a hot girl to masturbate to on the internet but you just masturbated in the last hour.

        • Pete

          First world problems: Her naked bewbs are less hot than I thought they would be.

          • greenguy

            incorrect sir, her bewbs are amazing.

    • wade

      actually one of the all time most clever comments I've seen on the intrawebzz

  • Krashtester

    Great post Chive.

    That being said, do you think you could pull off a miracle and fix the iPad app? I see you toting the Andriod app release…. Is it, "as good", as the iPad app? 😛

  • Bomman

    mind the gap? #12

  • Anonymous

    #14 bring back banana filled twinkles!!

  • Imyourhuckleberry


  • jcvj1125

    I'm almost positive you guys have posted every single one of these pictures at least once before, if not more.

  • Brian

    Technically I did see her eyes first, only because I was scrolling rather slowly.

  • goodbyejeffery

    #28 Anyone else in the mood to go play Shadow of the Colossus?

  • Colin

    #29 …Except when we're scrolling down this list. Then we see the eyes first.

  • mr.plow

    #18 amen brother!

  • Dave

    #18 Watching Married with children at age 14,
    *Christina Applegate
    *Christina Applegate
    *Christina Applegate
    *Christina Applegate

  • Matt

    #10 from East Bound and Down…Kenny Powers for the mother fukin win!!!!

  • Face

    #29 first thing i see is that tattoo validating she is 18, and then BANG BANG BANG

  • Bob

    #1 because he is fat?

  • Yup

    19 Damn right, ya jewish bastard! Viva la irony!

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