Signs full of ‘WTF’ (35 Photos)

  • Don

    First thing I did was look to see if I recognized the area.

  • Ray

    Don it’s the mcds on 178th street. West side. We really love our porn in Edmonton

  • cjh28

    #4 – great restaurant, great thai food and free condoms.. who knew cabbages and condoms would make a good combo

  • UGTP

    #16 kinda looks fake…

    • Corey C.

      I assure you, it is not. I was stopped at a set of lights behind this guy. I wonder if he drives this truck to go visit his mother…

  • Mike Litoris

    Lakewood High School is in the same county I grew up in on the southside of St. Petersburg, FL. Let's just say they had excellent track, basketball and football teams.

  • Jsk

    #9 is above a urinal just fyi

  • FlyBoy

    Forever alone…

  • AnthonySyl

    #19 i would do all those things on purpose before entering the store, then refuse to leave until i got service.

    • Bill

      Private property…they can refuse service to anyone…but nice try

  • kgrill

    #35 🙂 thats my town! I just got really excited because we made it in the Chive haha

  • Tim

    #2 analtech is my customer. Go there every week.

  • Anonymous

    #16 exactly which state is AB? Seriously, you dont even know your own state abbrieviation?

    • Anonymous

      Lol itsAlberta .its in Canada .mericans…

    • Anonymous

      Ahahahahahah dummy American. It’s alberta canada

      • Anonymous

        Oh my bad i thought you were dumbass rednecks. Turns out your just dumbass Canadians. Better? Worse? I dunno

        • Corey C.

          What, did you think it was supposed to be Alabama? With snow on the bumper? Read the f*ckin license plate, unless you’re 100% dumbass ‘merican and can’t not read too good… (that ‘merican grammar was on purpose)

  • ben

    #24 god loves ugly

    • ben

      noooo! i meant #28

  • Airfighter

    #12 is in my hometown!!!

  • cHiVe FoR pReSiDeNt

    Wrong place to be peddlin your shit, "Bro"

  • MattKL

    #5 Seems legit.

  • WaikikiWayne

    #19 THANK YOU!!

  • flyboy

    My week is officially made! #15 is my first time submission!!!!

  • Mike

    #16 is definitely not fake. I go to school at gmac and see that truck everyday in the parkade

  • Edd

    #19 Nice to see someone take guns seriously for a change.

  • KKK4eva

    #19 F*ckin rights! F8ck those n*ggers!
    I love the chive!! They hate n*ggers too.
    White Power!!

  • Trent Thorne

    Wholey man way too much racism on chive these days

  • perfectedpixel

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  • etcrr

    #27 Pardon me, There is a sign in this photo?, I didn't notice one

    • etcrr

      #1 My neighbor put up this same sign, I don't understand

  • rodolfo

    You are not fooing anybody, Stann. Changing your name so you can post the same lame shit!

  • Zachary Bowser

    #12 Pedobear Approves!

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