Superfans: The College Years (24 Photos)


    #18 Go Ducks You Son Of a Bitch (GDYSOB)!

  • Polock07

    # 18 sucks,

  • thegame

    sorry… basketball fans do not count. only football counts. and i'm not talking about soccer, euros.

  • DJBC

    #5 Deadmau5!!!!

  • CzarCzarBinks



  • Victor "Newman"

    #9…both are smoking and down with the SHOCKER!

  • Suave

    Before you start bitching about being beat in "ever y possible metric", use this handy-dandy spell check. ^ Also, tell me, how is Facebook going to shut them down? AND…fake boobs and blonde hair to be hot??? The HOTTEST post on theChive is BY FAR the Red Heads. Check your facts, Jack.

  • TX Chiver

    1. Learn how to spell.
    2. Learn punctuation.
    3. Learn how to use the keyboard.
    4. Fuck you.

    • MonkeyMadness

      With an emphasis on TX Chiver's # 4!

  • rcjh

    ku basketball fans aren't on there? mac just made himself look stupid, and like he loves unc more than dick vitale.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #1 Looks like a Lorax convention.

  • Loud@theClouds

    Every player in the Syracuse team is smoking herb, shout out to them fools, they’re still balling

  • bob

    #24 the O 🙂

  • cuse

    #5 way to represent cuse!

  • Chip

    There’s only one Carolina, that’s East Carolina

  • Anonymous

    #10 its just like Duke to post pics of them getting ready to suck a huge cock. Go UNC

  • dbizzle


  • :O!

    I like how this is being posted by a name of "boobies" that really makes you look intelligent lol

  • torqued

    wayyyy too much UNC in this post, cut that out Mac they have terrible bandwagon fans

  • http://Chive Robert D.

    The girl on the left I #9 makes me tingle in the no-no place.

  • aaron

    #4 find the girl on the left

  • Trevor

    Idiot! you are a motherfucking biggot, coming across as though you want to save the minority, but really all you want to do is raise a fuss, you are a bitch, just like the people whom you are saying are being objectified, and you need to get back in the kitchen you n word c word dipshit douche bag. YOU DESERVE IT! YOU ARE BAD AT LIFE AND SHOULD BE ERADICATED!

  • sit ubu sit good dog

    We all know it`s you stuf , you`re not fooling anyone,,once more fuck off

  • Anonymous

    #10 Needs photoshop!

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