This woman is 52-years-old. Do you believe in miracles? (25 Photos)

  • thedon


    • Franky Figs


  • turdburg

    Move over Stiflers mom!

    • Xander

      Geez, thanks. There I was looking at this great example of aging well and you have to put that nasty thing in my head. (Actress is currently ruining "2 Broke Girls")

      • newscot

        Everything about "2 Broke Girls" is ruining "2 Broke Girls".

    • boobies


      1. Girls on this post not attractive
      2. attention seekign girls
      3. where are the black girls?
      4. email me at chiveis ra cist@gm JOIN THE CAUSE
      5. Anti-chive blog coming soon. Lobbying firm hired to address chive racism
      6. chive endorses genocide (see africa post )
      7. when you put black girls in, put them towards the top and quit hidin them!
      8.Mac the intern. FUCK YOU RACIST
      9.Chive endorses gun usage and use
      10.People who say chive is not racist bc pictures are user sumbitted, uM, YEA. they do have posts of non users so they can find a black girl easy
      12. chive endorses stalking and is creepy. asking users to find girls who don't want to be found
      13. So basically to be hot. you need fake boobs and blonde hair according to the chive. fuck that
      14. In america, we celebrate drinking and being hooligans in college. This is why the rest of the world is beating us in ever y possible metric.

      • Lakov

        I'm just amused that this post is supposed to be taken seriously and yet has been posted by "Boobies"

        • Lakov

          also i love men

  • slimrazor

    Holy mackerel there Mahoney!

  • yes!


  • pedobear

    god damn. shes got an ass like a 10 yo boy. very impressive

    • Dcolbert

      Among the most awkward quotable moments from Hollywood in the last 30 years – made even better because at least 11 Chivers didn't get the joke. Well played, Mr. Bear.

      • confused

        True Lies ?

        • Jeff


      • pedobear

        heh, glad someone got the reference. was a little worried i might offend the whole internet with that comment.

    • jl1617

      Haha. Nicely played brother, nicely played.

  • EasternCanuck

    WOW… makes you wonder if there's been any work done there… I'm thinking it was expensive.

    • webster


      • TheAutomaticMan

        She's the perfect women….. by her age, she doesn't give a damn about anything, she has the body of a 30 something, and the experience of a 52 year old……. best sex life ever.

  • Woodrowrules

    #11 Now that is impressive for any age

    • joe

      Google Shannon Simmons. 55 and could give this woman a run for her money

      • joe

        *Sharon simmons

        • hessyleavestheus

          no. just…no.

    • SoBe Bound

      Screw the Cats. Bring on the MILF's.

  • DeptyDawg

    Gravity has been very good to her.

    • drklrd

      look closer…you must be blind

      • @McBeastie666

        you must be young.

        • Dcolbert

          I'm 42 in March. Gravity hasn't been kind to her, plastic augmentation and a personal trainer have been very kind to her.

  • echogeo

    That looks like a 52yo kisser to me.

    • Primer Gray

      I was all about this chick till she took those sunglasses off!

    • amplidudes

      same as i though

  • Ned Plimpton

    Nice body, no doubt….

    #2 But 52 definitely seems possible. I've seen much hotter at that age.

    • CaptainInsano

      Demi Moore

      • Dude

        This woman looks like she's still got everything she started with. Demi Whore is a work in progress….

    • huskernut

      yupper – my wife at 57 netter sha
      pe than her!

  • that_dude_b

    GILF alert!

    • Rhino

      With the way she is now, she's also gonna be a GGILF – an acronym I've never before considered using.

  • Mother

    those pictures were all taken 16 years ago.

    • Underbaker

      Anyone else get the feel that all these pictures were taken by a stalker?

    • tuy

      You're right. That does look like the 1996 iphone she has there.

  • Steve


    • shtsquid

      Meh is right….i don't see anything particularly amazing

  • Matt 14

    I wonder if she's had any kids.

  • echogeo

    #7 #15 #18 #20
    Has the cougar act down pat.

  • Bildo

    Estrogen supplement… you've all been played!

  • young man

    well maintained by her boyfriend/ husband!
    when a girl married to a boy both became fat after some years!

  • JML

    Knees and Elbows give the age away. I'm not saying she is not attractive, but just saying…….

    • JKJUNK

      She has elbows? And knees? Didn't notice 🙂

  • The anti-dbag

    What's so miraculous about plastic surgery?

  • Cindy

    #19 OMG – My 1 year old daughter has those little back dimples….I loathe the day I see her on here in skimpy panties showing her cute little back dimples!!!!! (it's fine if it's your daughter but not mine :p)

    • John

      that was one of the creepiest comparisons I have ever read….

    • Dukeofohio

      for some reason i feel very sad for your daughter

    • Woodrowrules

      That's just creepy

    • bob

      I was going to say this is creepy, but now that I see you are a woman, it passes.

  • whyme1973

    #1 #6 I'd hit the shit out of that.

  • T-bone

    Id like to hit up an early bird special with her! #4

    • Krashtester

      No doubt, she is a hot woman for any age.

      Well said T-bone.

    • afasf

      ew gross no

  • Anonymous

    Hi. She is not Italian, she is Croatian 😀 Also, her name is Rita Ružić or Ruzic 😀

  • Damian

    Not bad. A shame her vag is still 52 and destroyed from 36 or so years of banging. Unfortunately the one thing that does not get better with age, vaginas.

  • givethedjabj

    Women are like dogs turds, the older they are, the easier they are to pick up

    • CaptainInsano

      I believe Plato said that, right?

      • tralfaz


        • socket2me

          Socrates, Plato..Morons !!

    • Dcolbert

      Somehow I don't think this theory would play out for you that well in this case.

    • AKBAR

      LMAO!!! best comment ever on theChive!

    • Groov

      One of my favorite BHG lines. Well played.

    • bob

      well played

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