This woman is 52-years-old. Do you believe in miracles? (25 Photos)


    Mmmmmmmm, MILF!!!!!!!!

  • ozi ozi ozi oi oi oi

    #18 get down, get down……… ooooh let`s get on down

  • perfectedpixel

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  • laelow

    This is how a 52 year old wife should look.

    God I hope my wife is this hot when she 52. #2 FTW.

  • Christian

    She is Croatian..

  • thatTXguy

    A flip phone? Really??

  • Mike

    I guess will have to roll out the new GMILF!

  • low

    She's a witch!

  • GMiller

    You guys kill me with this isht. She is nice, no doubt. She purchased her tig ole bitties and it looks like she had lipo. Fifty-two is not old. I would give her about a 6.5 tops. You need to start putting some African-American and latino women on here. Then you will see what a body is supposed to look like. Not more flat pancake dariares. My goodness. It seems if any Caucasion women is half naked, you fools go crazy.

  • walter

    hot, most chicks half her age don't look good as her!

  • Andre

    She looks like a 52 year old woman who keeps in shape. No need for surgery to look that good. #5, #9 and #11 does it for me.

  • wucinnwug

    when all the paint is gone u get to see what she really looks like…

  • Arvin

    Hi Iya, i am from zamboanga city.. Alam mo lagi ka nimang sinusubaybayn sa lahat ng mga shows mo kasi ang ganda ganda mo at ang galing galing momng mag host at napaka amo ang mukha mo kahit sa commercial inaabangan ka rin namin ng mga anak ko yong girl ko nga ginagaya pati ang hair mo. kasi daw ang ganda mo..salamat at nakapag mensahe na kami sa iyo sana mag reply ka para mabasa namin we love you IYa .. Idol ka namin.

  • A Guy

    Yeah, she's hot and all, but what does she look like without all that makeup caked on. =) I'd do her as long as she kept makeup on… or wore a mask.

  • Catman

    Hate to tell you, but someone that hot at 52 is a cougar – not going for 80 year olds. Unless you're a billionaire and a good bet to die soon.

  • eXeq

    It's all in You girls. You all can look like her without special diets or cosmetics. Just Keep Calm and Chive On!

    • Csiegirl

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  • jibberjabber

    Beautiful woman, without question. I just found myself not caring for the super low waistband. I think a more 80's-90's style would have flattered her hips better.

  • Alice

    Look up Arthur de Vany, Mrs de Vany and Mark Sisson and wife. The de Vanys are in their 70s!

  • Nell

    Well we certainly wouldn't let you pick us up!

  • Kabisu

    She looks 52 to me alright. Some people do look younger than their age, but you can still see that she might be 52 or maybe even older. Has nothing to do with surgery. If surgery was involved, she would look even younger.

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