Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Stoale

    #45. Lost again. Damn it

  • Chuck Norris

    Hey ! Stannnnn !!!!!!! Fuck you ya damn obamanite. Leave it to y’all to shit on everything a white man has. If ya don’t like it go back to AFRICA !!!! I mean shit son..do you get any at all or do ya beat off to the “black girls” on chive. Get a life …oh yeah BLACK POWER !

  • truestory

    #-47-48-49. On March 9@ noon I predict an internet website crash. Hopefully I can get one xxxl

    • http://www.thechive.com The_Mike_Hancho

      the interwebz will break

  • Sea

    #6 thank you to John, specifically. Tryin to get his little dick licked. Cheers

  • Waffles

    Dear Chive (not chivers, you are all still awesome people)
    you guys have gone down hill as a group. You repost the same shit over and over. you don't do fan requests or respond to emails as you once did. your app sucks balls (seriously, wtf happened to the app) overall, TheChive has gone downhill. It's almost time to send myself in another direction.

  • HEATFan

    You guys are idiots, it’s just a website

  • R. Eau Enassle

    #13– Do more research the Mayans calendar was more accurate than the atomic clock… 365.2583 days a year…. soooo they did account for leap year. Did you really think that all of these scientists and doctors that have done years and years of research over looked something so simple as leap year?

    • Anonymous

      Scientists did take it into account, sure there is natural disasters occurring, they always do. And yes the sun is scheduled to have a major storm of cosmic radiation this year. Does this mean that the world is going to end on December 20, 2012? No way in hell is it happening

    • http://www.thechive.com The_Mike_Hancho


    • spartan104fred

      explain to me how there can be a .2583 of day without creating an extra day every four years? did they round down?

    • Greg

      Dear R. Eau Enassle,
      the fact that the Mayan Calendar did or did not account for leap years is irrelevant they used a different method of counting years then what we use
      they had two calendar systems, one with a 365 day count and one with a 260 day count. they were designed to sync up every 18980,
      Counting to solar years was not the ultimate goal of the Mayan calendar, counting accurately was.
      it is not that the Mayan Calendar has gone out of sync or anything
      its that we have been adjusting our Calendar as our definition of a year was different then their definition of a year. our calendar sees the flaw of the leap year theirs does not cause theirs doesnt care about it. but because both follow a 365 day year (52 year long count) and we have been adjusting they have not it does throw the true date on the Mayan Calendar out of whack when you use our calendar to reference their calendar which does not work.
      now the real questions is our the sources using true Mayan date or our they using a date derived from our date i do not know

  • Safta

    #3 MOAR! who is she? AMAZINGLY HOT!

  • Bob

    #48 anyone else notice the Justin beiber poster in the back?

    • Marko

      How can you notice it is more of the question lol.

  • http://Thechive.com Tommy

    47-49 holy hellfire!!! My day has officially been made!

  • IamWhoIam

    A normal tuesday?
    NOT with #11 #49 #3 #26 #24

  • Rtb

    I hope the hairy guy gets his shirt

  • avgejoe

    45…my eyes feel heavy and they keep looking lower and lower lol

  • bulletstopper

    # 26 If the mouth to mouth doesn't wake him up I am sure the second woman will do just fine.

  • Dustin

    this was one of my favorite DARs ever i think. thank you for # 23 and #39 is classic. CHIVE ON

  • Tom

    #41 if only his owner could see how cute this was

  • Jameswastaken

    #34 Where is this man hiding? Need more movies!

  • chopstix

    #49 I love you…God bless 'Merica

  • chong

    #14 that officially debunks the myth

  • chong

    #13 that officially debunks the myth…. now off to post on youtube

  • Ryan M

    It was love at first…TITS! You have a beautiful smile too, don't get me wrong 🙂

  • P90

    #24 FTW.

  • Ed

    #3….OH MY!

  • Taken Chiver

    #49….the only thing I could think of was NOMNOMNOMNOM. Those are amazing.

  • jcvj1125

    The mayans didn't use a Gregorian calendar, the 2012 date was established after converting their calendar into ours, which included the consideration of leap years. You guys need to work on a little thing called research.

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