Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Quetzacotal


    # 13 is completely invalid. The Mayan calendar was not based on 365 day years and thus, not affected by the Gregorian calendar's flaw which is corrected by leap years.

    Educate yourself…. .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_calendar

    • r2xj

      Thank you. I have been bombarded with this foolishness on FB for days. Please Chive, for the love of God, EDUCATE THE PEOPLE!

    • Must

      If your argument is based upon a Wikipedia entry then you May want to consider advancing any further. Chive on!

    • fatscuba

      The mayan calendar was based on 18 x 20 day months (their mathematics operated on base 20 rather than base 10) plus 5 "bad luck" days which appeared in August of our similar calendar. They had no Leap years as their length of day also differed from the conventional western day.
      The result was that whereas the Western year, when clumsily compared to the solar and lunar cycles was and is out by 6 hours per year – thus the correction 24 hours every Leap Year, the Mayan "year" was between 2 and 4 seconds out of sync.

    • todd

      regardless about how the calendars work… the way it is worded the basic math is wrong anyway. without the extra day every four years how would it be july 2013. shouldn't it be octoberish 2011.

  • Turtle

    #34 Danny devito's famous troll foot

  • mike g

    #33 The Salmon Mousse!!!

  • Jean

    Is anyone else of seeing star wars nerds.
    Please remaining SWN population kill yourselves now.

    • sixdeadelves

      tired? ^ no and no

  • Another chiver

    #47 amazing that is all

  • Danv3a

    #13 Unless the winter solstice is in July next year I think we are all still screwed KCCO

  • Tillman61

    #24 #49 Day was made. Thank you both.

  • Albus Q

    #37 Well that answers the question doesn't it?

  • Skedaddle

    #45 I won’t blink. I can’t blink. I’m staring at your boobs.
    #49 nice effort but I bet you can do better.

  • Albus Q

    #23 PLEASE limit it to two per order

  • Jason Dean

    #2 – Disneyland!

  • http://twitter.com/Nonsanguine @Nonsanguine

    #3 more please

  • Derp

    Just awesome…

  • Anonymous


    It’s just not fair…

  • Chad

    #48 Bieber poster. Fail.

  • Anonymous

    #3, #49 FTW! i lost the staring contest with #45 ):

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #3 was the winner…until we got to #49 Sorry, 3.

  • jaydub2xx

    #49 what was i going to say???…

  • Adolf


    <img src=http://gamersmafia.com/storage/comments/570/70/you_win_this_time.jpg>

  • Sauza

    #26 Am i the only one that feels like drowning there ?


    #49 You are gorgeous (even without the wet t-shirt pic). Have fun celebrating my birthday everybody!

  • Kodos

    damn, I was lookin' forward to that party

  • Richard

    Hey you lazy fucks, try not to steal all the posts from 9gag

    • mittens

      9gag and its excessive use of engrish sucks.

  • Oregon_country

    #49 dont look so sad, you should be happy to have those.

  • Bodhisattva

    #3 & #49. There is a party in my pants. You’re invited.

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