Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    Who’s #3?!? MOAR!!

  • http://twitter.com/Pud_Divine @Pud_Divine

    #47 I think I just fell in love, MORE!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #48….thank you & chive on!

  • Bronze Johnson

    All the way down #11. That one doesn’t count!!

  • Anonymous

    Explain to me how if you don’t add 514 days to our current date, that we’d be in the future? You’re an idiot.

  • LaLakers2408

    please don't post anything as gay as this again…..please. I'm here for boobs, not this

  • Bob

    #49 huge boobs, yeah….

  • Hii

    #42 HOLY SHIT

  • Sam

    #13 – The Mayan calendar doesn't abide by Cesarean calendar rules dipshit

  • Becky

    Number 22 is way cute! He could be my little leprican!

  • SPZander

    #3 exemplifying perfection

  • Danica

    #48….lovin' the Irish shirt fo sho…but Justin Bieber? Really? Your boobs better eat that poster off the wall.

  • bozo

    #42 wow!!!

  • Barry McKokkinner

    #49 Mother of God!

  • second time

    #49 WOOOOOW

  • josh

    #49 ehh shes okay…

  • Anonymous

    I thought 3 was good till I saw 24. Dear sweet baby Jesus..

  • Right Coast

    # 23
    This time, instead of clicking reload for an hour and a half, I'll be otherwise engaged. Keep Calm and Fuck Off.

  • MG.

    #13 http://thechive.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/dar-t

    Not totally into this 2012 thing, but I have to dump on this idiots smart-ass theory.
    The Mayan calendar (and other texts from different ancient cultures) do not mention the year 2012.
    They define a point which is a certain amount days away from when their calendar begins. Leap year or no leap year the point would remain unchanged. The Mayan calendar was comprised of several "counts" and was not simply a 365 day calendar. Even if Julius Caesar shortened the calendar to 299 days, the "doomsday" point would remain unchanged.


    #3 DAR her tomorrow again please

  • http://theseblueyes.wordpress.com/ Julz

    #47 #48 #49 Thanks.

  • Dano

    #41…Awesome! #42…really, really, REALLY awesome!! MOAR of the fantastic rump please!!

  • Scott

    No fair number 11 doesn’t do complete push ups! Number 24 I like your ass, I just do! Number 42 is just awesome and number 49 has got some serious lactaid issues!

  • cianciabella

    #26 he lives!

  • jennyandthejets

    #22 … you sir, are amazing.

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