Enji Night is pure cosplay talent, she’s also really nice (20 Photos)

Enji’s Facebook.

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  • dewd

    Marry me!!!

  • Matt


  • Anonymous

    That’s weird–a full grown ass woman dressing in costumes? Yeah, miss me with this crap! I’ll take a hot “woman” wearing black lingerie, heels…any day of the week over this!

  • dragon30

    she looks a sweet girl

  • Sandra

    You really really should check out http://www.pixelninja.se
    She's awesome at making cosplay costumes. Specially her metroid gear

  • Bob

    #13 bet she makes a great girlfriend

  • WolfmanJack

    No! You REALLY need to check out Jessica Nigri!! She will put this Hungarian chick to shame.

  • jgos929

    Out of all of those pics #5 is the best.

    Cosplay sucks

  • fluffy

    she has some crazy sexy legs… mesmerizing

  • http://www.facebook.com/TAldridge87 Boobies

    Fire fox costume is pretty damn hot. Fuk the haters she is beautiful and inventive. Any chick can go buy Victoria secret and heels…

  • Thomas

    Why yes. Yes I would like to marry you.

  • Verus87

    just beautiful….

  • Bumhugs

    #29 There is a gollum that lives inside me that refuses to believe there are positive and caring people in the world like this. He's been wrong before, though. He thought I'd never get a KCCO Irish shirt, and it showed today! MY PRECIOUS!

  • BravesGirl10

    Perfectly curvy ❀

  • Cody

    What…no booty shot? Way to get a rise out of the ass lovers.

  • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

    #17 enough said… now i need some private time

  • Kenny

    She is very beautiful and I like how she does a variety of different costumes. KCCO and thank you for submitting pictures πŸ™‚

  • Notmyname

    I hate to admit it but #13 would make me faster than a speeding bullitt

  • Trippledizzle

    Awesome! Keep up the sweet costumes

  • truestory


  • Will

    Good god he is cute!

    • Will

      Damn s key!!!!!!!

      I don’t think anyone c

  • Will

    Now I’m going to drown my iPod because my fingers are too big for the keys

  • Dennis

    Damn she is a cutie with legs for days. Diggin the costumes too (especially superman). Nicely done derpina, KCCO! P.s. Plz submit a booty pic sometime soon πŸ˜‰

  • Samiam

    God has sent us all a gift… BEAUTIFUL… Saved he as my wall paper that smile will always make my day 😁


    I'm here in Brazil thinking if is to expensive to catch a plane and fly until this girl to ask her to marrie me.

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