Let’s take a stroll through the best city in the world, Manhattan (50 photos)

  • passwordistaco

    Go Red Sox!

    • passwordistaco

      This is gonna be the most thumbed down first post without ever using the word "first" of all time!! Troll level: Kong

      • Kec

        Why no pictures of those big towers? What happened to them?

        • hydrogenbond

          Obvious troll is obvious

        • You Idiot

          Douchebag bastard is a douchebag

      • Jordan

        disagree… there are far to many people that hate the yanks that will agree with this post even if they don't like the bo sox.

        • daveh873

          Fuck 'em both. I'm not up-voting "Go Red Sox" just because I hate the Yankees as well.

  • Drew


  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    The Sox will always play 2nd fiddle to the Yankees. Just being realistic.

  • josb

    While I hate all new york sports teams, the city is a great place

    • mtm405

      i like the way pictures are taken ,,, they look real nice,,, but the city stink,,, smell bad,,, look horrible if you wanna give a tiny attention to the details !! ,,, sorry but it's very true,,, visit new york and see yourself!

      • milk tea

        What's up with your punctuations? It hurts my head.

        • daveh873

          He apparently wasn't giving a tiny attention to the details !!

          • daveh ha?

            still have a point, the city is way over rated

      • hydrogenbond

        ^ Must be a tourist

      • I_Hate_Paula

        live in new york and see for yourself you are wrong

    • nuccabay

      i agree, then immediately disagree…1st time down 5th ave and theres a pile of trash taller than me right in front of tiffanys and rats running around, then its just outrageously overcrowded, simply not impressed at all with manhattan, i will say NY is way better than LA, but chicago 100x better among others

  • Amigo

    love that city

    • Buford_Justice

      Liberty City, strange I see no signs of Niko, I did some particularly destructive things there…

  • http://twitter.com/MarkBailey63 @MarkBailey63

    Looks old and dirty…

    • etcrr

      Just like my mom

      • etcrr

        Yeah cause she's been dead for 17 years moron, why don't you go home your moms calling you

    • Yo Yo Ma

      Manhattan or your mom's vagina?

    • TSM

      Looks like someone from the Second City has a bit of First City envy

      • Funkmaster

        You have no idea why Chicago is called The Second City.

        • Jfisch

          the first one burner down because of some stupid cow

      • Markus

        It is dirty…you guys don't have alleys so all your garbage sits out on the streets and sidewalks. It stinks.

    • Woodrowrules

      I agree GO BEARS!

  • darsh

    #39 11.75 for a pack of smokes??????????????

    • coinbank

      clearly this pic is old or this is the best deal in the city…they usually go for about $14 now

      • mittens


    • -0-bummer

      Because The Peoples Republic of NY is a progressive socialist state,

    • Jordan

      stop smoking assholes.

      • Really?

        Assholes are too hard to keep lit.

    • Amigo

      Canadian prices

    • geez

      Holy moly donut shop!, Guess I'll stop complaining about $7 packs here.

    • David Chappelle

      Thems crack prices. People gonna be suckin dicks for cigarettes now.

  • ST33

    #3 Y u no fall over?

    • Dan

      Just think what would happen if a big earthquake hit the city…

    • herky

      Flatiron Building, designed by CHICAGO architect Daniel Burnham.

    • snap

      its actually triangular- from this angle you only see one side.

  • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

    #3 – Paul's Boutique!

    • etcrr

      Asshole's anonymous, you should join you will fit right in

  • Memnon

    Or you could post moar bewbs

  • jbob

    manhattan is not a city, its a borough of new york city. still awesome though.

    • coinbank

      when people say the are "going to THE city" they sure as fuck dont mean the Bronx

      • jbob

        but its still not a city? thats like saying united states is the the best continent because when people from europe say they are coming to north america they sure as fuck dont mean mexico.

        • coinbank

          agreed, in concept, however, you would have to live here to understand the righteous indignation that manhattanites have for any of the other boroughs (which is why they are also referred to as the "outer boroughs"), NJ as well. Therefore, when people here refer to "the city" only has ONE meaning….manhattan

          • ddd

            how about the many millions of people who actually live in the outer boroughs? the "manhattanites" you speak of are turds.

          • Cantaloupe

            Not to be a dick, but fuck Manhattanites. Seriously, nobody gives a shit if they think they are the city.

            • coinbank

              let's be honest for a second, if you can, the only reason people live in the other boroughs is cause they can't afford manhattan

              • BrooklynDweller

                I have to disgree with you there.
                I can afford to live in Manhattan, but prefer to live in Bklyn.
                I get more space for less money and just a short drive or train ride away from it all.

                • Littoface


              • P Diddy

                and the only reason coinbank lives in manhattan is because he can't afford to live in hoboken.

                • coinbank

                  hoboken…..really??? I will admit it has an AWESOME view….but the shitty smell and ahole neighbors far outweigh the view

          • Hipstamatic

            Cool story, bro.

      • sfb101

        when people say the are "going to THE city". They mean San Fransisco!

        • coinbank

          dude that was awesomely funny….san fran….ha!

          • snap

            nor cal has less assholes than NYC, even NYC can vouch for that. nyc is like a museum filled with people who think they are interesting, people who think those people are interesting, and people who like taking pictures of all those people and the old stuff they live by/in. for example, coinbank.

    • AKBAR

      your face is not a city!

    • etcrr

      Manhattan is NYC, If you google the other boroughs addresses you will find them listed as a part of NY state not the city

      • BrooklynDweller

        Google is wrong.
        NYC is made up of 5 boroughs:
        Staten Island

        Long Island is also seprate from us.
        NYS is everything else. Yonkers and above.

        • Bronx Bomber

          I live in the Bronx for 36 years, Pull your head out of the sewer and do so homework nd then come back to me

        • etcrr

          Bronx man is right look it up in the postal system it is Bronx NY and it is Manhattan NYC NY

      • kang

        wait . . . what? then Google es wrong.

  • gmen

    #20 better than any 5star restaurant

    • Tough shit.

      I AGR….*Stroke*!

    • passwordistaco

      5star's are serving lips and assholes? Or are you saying they should be?

    • I_Hate_Paula

      you have to go to 53rd and 6th for the best cart food

      • spooky

        hallal guys ftw

  • steve

    best city in the world? you need to refill yur meds script..

    • JOHN

      Chicago is better. LA is the worst (maybe San Francisco)

      • Vince

        Typical Yank, doesn't know the world is bigger than the US.

        • AMERICA

          Its certainly bigger than the US! just not as important ya limey tosser.

        • JOHN

          London is too pricey and overcrowded, plus its full of English people. There is no other British city worth mentioning (yes I am excluding Scotland Wales and Ireland.) Edinburgh is nice but freezing cold. I have no desire to visit anywhere in Europe other than maybe Rome. That's probably why my ancestors left the UK centuries ago. You would have to pay me to go to China, India, most of Asia or anywhere in the middle East, including those cities "welcoming" of Western culture. Africa has no cities worth going to though I would want to see many parts of the continent. I have no interest in South America either. Anywhere in Mexico is too dangerous these days and Canada is full of Canadians (basically diluted British people). I would visit Sydney but I don't have any first hand experience to gauge its relevance as a best or worst city. Seoul was nice but had no cultural flavor that distinguished it from anywhere else, the city was largely westernized.

          • everything's great

            just to state the obvious. Canadians and Americans are diluted British people.

        • JOHN

          Hey Redcoat, I think your family tree is forking, you should probably bang your cousin to keep with tradition.

  • Sadam Dudein

    Baghdad is better, especialy after 9-11

    • no

      fuck u

  • R-Dub


    • SAul

      yeah, just like bacon… and boobs.

  • coinbank

    #4 #29

    Union Square Green Market…check it out it is awesome

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I've been to the city quite a few times and am always looking for new sites to see. I was wondering where that was.

      • coinbank

        NP, i help out my uncle and work his vegi stand every sat, from 10F to 110F we are there. Lot of great produce en shit

  • Schadeboy

    #19 I'm intrigued by this parking garage. I'd love to know how it works.

    • coinbank

      they are called "Stackers". The platform lowers so you can drive the car on, then it raises so you can fit another underneath….and so on. Basically a 4 car stacker will multiply the spaces of a parking lot by like 2.5 – 3 spaces (need room to maneuver the cars around the stackers

      • The_Dood

        Is it possible to get the top one out without having to get all the others first?

        • coinbank

          no. There is a version in Europe that works like a dry cleaners delivery system that puts the cars on platforms and runs them back to the storage area and when you punch in the number in the computer the computer does an algorithm to determine how to get the platform to the front. I haven't never seen it but a company i worked for contemplated putting this system in a building. I REALLY wanna see that one in action

          • BrooklynDweller

            There is one here in Brooklyn like that.
            You park your car on a platform and step out. A computer scans a free spot and manuevers the other cars around to place your car in the spot.
            When you want to retrieve your car you enter your spot # and the computer gets your car for you. Whole process takes about 5-10 min depending on how many cars it needs to move.

    • nuccabay

      its funny watching it happen thats for sure

    • Duke

      The replies are awesome, and beat the parking garages I have to deal with now. Mainly, assholes stealing my spot.

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Stick an orange up their exhaust.

    • GrayDog

      How they work: http://romaxparking.com/resources.html

      An example of one in Ireland:

    • john long

      it's a trampoline based system

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    #39 Newport pleasure comes at a high cost.

    • Dan

      Mostly taxes.

  • etcrr

    #13 is the car I want the most

  • tomchalm

    Boston should def get its own post. Perhaps in time for st. patty's day?

    • AKBAR

      who wants to see a bunch of idiots in green?

      • Wes Lico

        Boston is a far more attractive city than NYC. And safer. It has basically the same resources and culture availability as NYC has. Bet you'll wear green that day too. You probably tried and failed to order a clover KCCO shirt too.

        • kang

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . no.

  • coinbank

    #7 #21

    If you come to NY and have a bad experience with the natives, go here….never a NY'er there.

    Remember if you see tennis sneakers and/or a fanny pack, they aren't from manhattan

    • Joe

      And if they say Tennis Sneakers or Manhattan, they're not from New York.

    • coinbank

      a) from and am in the city as i type b) w/e

  • Sinnamon Tits


  • AmBush_Steve

    Looks like pretty much any other city. Are there no boobs there?

    • Thror

      That would be New Orleans you're thinking of….

  • Johnny

    yeah I love it when 3 million people are crammed into one island and they throw their trash everywhere. sounds like heaven

    • jkmcdermott

      Stay home, Johnny. We don't want you here anyway.

    • DDD

      Really envious of paying 4 grand a month for a two BR apt……..

      • TSM

        That is its one great weakness. It's too dam expensive to live there

    • kcco

      8 mill

  • jack

    Its not a city in itself. Its a borough of greater NYC.

    • _Moose_

      True, but it's referred to as the city. For example, I say I work in the city but I live in Brooklyn. Work address is New York, NY, home is Brooklyn, NY. Manhattan is New York County, Brooklyn is Kings County.

      I know, cool story.

      • I_Hate_Paula

        Very true. I live in queens but when I say I'm going to the city no one says, "oh staten island? thats fun"

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