Meanwhile, in ‘Merica (38 photos)

  • Stone

    Whys the black prez gotta stand behind the bushinator? What up with that shizzle……sorry for misspelling shizzle

    • jmartintx

      Why not? He's been hiding behind Bush for the last three years.

      • Nick


        You, sir, are my hero. Let it be known throughout the land.

  • Face

    #18, Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers 2012 world series champs suckaz, deal with it!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    #14 So happy she cried, that's actually pretty awesome. However, is that a candle vigil to her in the background?

  • @danieljillm

    #11 Excuse me while I shoot this fucking rainbow into existence

  • Caleb

    Hahaha I’m proud to an ‘Merican

  • luckyB

    #38…im i the only one that thinks the moms are fugly and need to die a painful death for thinking this is a good idea for their kids?

  • Eagleheart

    …I…Uhh..I…RAGE!!!!!!!FUCK! WHY? STUPID HICK FUCK GODS!…I Feel Better Now…Why's the eagle have 3 eyes?

    • Pete

      KCCO, fake, and a joke.

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s shot. In. The. Head.

  • Tim

    #34 7 presidents, 1 obumer

  • Gallus

    #15 is both sad and wrong on so many levels. Give the lady a ride!

  • Dave

    # 17
    Will Buy For My Wife —Sorry Babe

  • Leonel_LyL

    #20 #21 One time, we had a couple Yankee tourists come into our store… and they were this size. Each. How did they even get on a bloody airplane in the first place? And then they bought all our food. We had to restock the entire store… ok, no. They didn't eat the entire store. But they ate a lot. Wtf?

    • otter

      Damn, for a minute there I almost forgot that Americans are the only fat people in the world. Wtf? So no one else eats a lot?

    • kent

      You like to lie a lot.

  • america sucks balls

    america sux sister fuking hicks

    • america sucks balls

      and a bunch of fat slobbs

      • otter

        But at least we can s

      • otter

        But at least we can spell you dumbfuck.

  • andrew19

    #18 I believe is Comerica Park home of the Detroit Tigers. Bout 65% sure

    • Dan E

      Yep. Much as I hate to admit it.

  • Tyler

    1-38. These always make me slightly embarrassed to say “Im american”

  • pedobear

    #34 one of these things is not like the other ones one of these things is not the same

    • Holmespump

      That would be Gerald Ford – the only one that wasn't elected President or even Vice-President.

  • Don

    That's Just ingenuity.

  • Anomanom

    #2 I find it worth noting that in 1903, the worlds largest man could still stand on his own feet. Go 'murrica!

  • Luke0027

    #15 Spokane's finest….. GET OUT OF THE SHOW OFF LANE BITCH!

  • Bob

    #27 stupid tattoos are for assholes…

  • Matt Simpson

    I hope #14 isn’t expecting to get a working chive app on that iPhone!

  • stann



    • Nick

      Yeah. I do. So?

  • D-T-E

    #24 straight from Brownsville Miami , FL , see her at least once a week , she’s famous!!!!!

    • jl1617

      Down To Earth Clothing Co by any chance?

  • Mike

    Where can I get a footlong hamburger?

  • UGTP

    #37 Listen to this rift BROTHER!!!!

  • K9

    @stan, I think your video should have sarah mclachlan singing in the back ground……. I got to the earth picture or something and realized I accidentally went to your shit. Sorry.

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