Meanwhile, in ‘Merica (38 photos)

  • Jon

    I swear #19 looks like an old coworker of mine, its funny cuz i can see that fool doing something like that cuz hes lazy

  • dustin buckles

    #3 are you fucking kidding me Merica. #2 We Canucks also take part in when the batteries are out or more likely the remote is FUCKIN LOST.

    • dustin buckles

      By #2 I actually meant #6. One too many bong rips i suppose.

  • DDD

    #8 sad, but funny

  • Bumhugs

    #21 Hey laugh all you want, but I bet that is some significant motherfuckin' barbecue.

  • illuminati


  • Ben

    #33 Teddy Roosevelt = BOSS

  • mike

    Was #25 taken in Spirit Lake Ia?

  • travis

    i want #5

  • sm2535

    #23 Tim Thomas?

  • Notmyname

    #28 I want a wall-sized poster of this for my home and my cube and a big-ass banner to shove up the ass of the next person I meet griping about how crappy the US is.

  • Simon

    (Second from right) White chicks and gang signs! G-g-g-gang signs!

  • Missoula

    #8 Nice sense of humor. That’s funny.

  • Robtoad

    #12 welcome to Utah Walmart.

  • Skeez

    #10 It's nice to see Nick Nolte is still staying busy

  • @GermanDoerksen

    I assume she's crying because it's not the black one?

  • JandorTheGreat

    wheres that black lady to tell us how racist the chive is? why isnt she talking now?

  • bobby

    #20 the watch is as big as the steering wheel

  • edslerson

    I dont want to live on this planet anymore

  • ldhennessy

    #34 Bush Jr. looks like he's ripping a fart!

  • jean.

    #22 I dream of an america more like this..

  • sander

    i really don't understand why americans are proud of ther corupt overweight outlawed UNfree country!!??

  • Ths

    #3 is in the netherlands…. Amsterdam.

  • Always Last


  • mericagodgunstitties

    My grandpa died so you ungrateful douches could enjoy this website!

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