• Boilermaker

    The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

    • Spotts

      I agree. However she is Humming!!

    • Rick

      Boilermaker? I grew up in Ft. Fun…Peyton hopefully will play again. and I'll always cheer for him but he ain't playing for the Colts

      • Muadieb

        A sad day for Indianapolis fans. I hope he does well wherever he goes though.

        Also, I'm currently at Purdue and from Lafayette.

    • Boilermaker

      The fat lady has sung. Thanks Peyton! The wife is so upset, I ain't getting any for a while.

    • Hane

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    Born and raised here in Indy. Sad day, but Go Blue!

  • 1833

    If the Colts keep sucking, we will be able to afford tickets again.

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