• Pete


  • freddy boy

    Want more of this craziness? Get on Trinixy dot com. Russians are funny and very foreign.

  • juuuu

    Why did she take it off instead of pulling it up? So fake.

  • Anonymous Troll

    Nice, find her

  • Anonymous

    So fake it was stupid.

  • Moots33


  • Bacon

    now the rolling stones are gonna sue her for this video

    • Bandito

      Are you a retarded person?

    • Jake

      You mean The Verve???

  • Cameron

    In mother russia……
    Dress walks you!

  • killakali

    in russia wardrobe malfunctions you!

  • CHAD


  • electric boogalo

    Where are the guns?

  • Anonymous

    In Soviet Russia, bridal gown rips itself off bride…

  • tommytwotime

    the "ba dum isssshhh" made this whole thing awesome

  • @Gingergreek

    dat ass

  • Anonymous

    Any of these posts real anymore?!

  • Kimmy

    STAGED!!! She would have pulled her dress back up not stepped out of it!!!

  • Russian bride has slight wardrobe malfunction (Video) |

    […] Original Source – Full Details!!! […]

  • Ron

    Looks staged. The bottom wasn't attached and she was holding it up even before she fell you can see it was unattached.

  • Chet Lemon

    Ha Ha Ha . . Oh Ha Ha . . . . fake

  • 817-chive

    I would fake that at my wedding just to see the responses. Lol

  • Laura

    If that's the new trend I'll make sure to have my wedding dress slip off for my future husband and all our guest to see!!! Hmmm I wonder where I can find a gown like that. LOL

  • Kasey

    yeah that was so fake. usually a persons reaction when their skirt is falling off is not to push it down. and no one actually wears that sexy shit under their dress.

  • Dinggis

    FIND HER!!!!!!

  • Saveferris

    That's what you get for listening to The Verve

  • lubbock_chiver

    funny how the lady with the camera in the brown was following her taking pics as she was running out…

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