• Bob

    Nice ass. Surprised she didn't want the video deleted though…

  • Crizump

    Fake………………. She lets go of the dress and pushes it down as she fake falls. Then instantly steps out of the dress instead of pulling it back up. Oh ya nice panties and ass…

  • etcrr

    holy shit what else could go wrong, not a favorable Oman i'd say

    • Notmyname

      I see a favorable Omen for the groom! Nice A@@

  • cheynecg


  • galio

    love that the guy on the right was still clapping through the whole thing

  • El Gato Negro

    Fake. Look closer. She pushes the bottom down.

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  • D4M4G3 Inc.

    What? At least they got the stepping music right, just needed a pole to finish!!!

    • D4M4G3 Inc.


  • @PaulMichaelCoop

    I mean, you kinda deserve it when you walk down the aisle to "Bittersweet Symphony"…

  • setup but don't care

    setup – it starts to fall and she takes it off?? no real woman would do that unless there was a pole behind her and drunken rednecks with $1's in front of her.
    nice try tho… didn't mind watching anyway =)

  • iShep

    Extra Clapping for Dat ass

  • jordyn

    i like how they kept taking pictures

  • LimitlessCarl

    This video cannot be possibly be from Russia. In Mother Russia, ours video always show teet and buuush. and often time a pictures of Putin with his no shirts on standing by horsees. okay?

  • Anonymous

    Lols its a fake.

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