Shingled beach home adds inventive loft on stilts (9 HQ Photos)


  • etcrr

    I like it but will it hold up in a hurricane?

  • pete

    me want

  • James

    awesome. good to see ppl not relying on brand new art deco houses and going with something with a bit of character!

  • Dan

    #9 I don't like the section that's up in the air. The rest of it looks nice, though.

  • RealZoo

    Very cool……..would never leave.

  • Dennis

    Oh! Mr Weasley finally got that pay raise 😀

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    As it was, this house was good enough for science…but not Aperture science!

  • Gallus

    #9 – I don't know that I would feel safe in that part of the house. Otherwise, it does look like an interesting vacation venue.

  • BigManJones

    There are barely any pictures of the inside of the stilted addition…

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    So hard to fap to.

  • one

    not an example of exceptional architecture by any means. sometimes too much design is well…just to much

    • PubicJones

      Fuck you.

      • one

        Nice response. you seem intelligent.

  • Hermes

    Is not really hard to achieve all those modules seemingly floating… all you need is a good civil engineer, and most of my friends at school can do that… come back when your design has managed to hide every structural aspect so well that the house looks like it's made of paper.

    • one

      hahaha school haha. yeah school is so much like real world applications. And how would hiding structural aspects of the residence make it appear as though it was made of paper. You would either end end with walls or -maybe they could have utilized sky hooks

    • Bhut Whole Hawhipper

      "my friends at school" = forever gay tea-baggin' fart-licker star-chaser

  • Kyle

    They need more accessible windows in the added on part for easy access to the pool!

  • disturbed

    Best part of that house – no mowing!

  • therealstake

    Ha! Sky hooks! Only the best!

  • GOOG….
    Wouldn't change a thing. I don't want my weekend guests watching me fondle the missus in the pool late night!!

  • @mizdictator

    The cantilever is astounding and creates great exterior space by the pool. However it does scream addition rather than a flow of the original structure…

    • guest

      sorry, that's not a cantilever

  • deadmanmike

    Cool design, bad finishing design. #7: cart instead of island has no overhang, so you couldn't sit close enough to use it without your knees either in the cart or spread apart. #8: good luck fire-proofing that chair.

  • Master_Rahl

    #8 That's a great design, and must make for a breathtaking view, day or night. I'd live there.

  • thatsok2me

    Seeing houses like this makes my house seem so pointless:)

  • boblawblaw

    sweet house but why the need for a pool when the oceans your back yard? wast of space…

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