So they set up a photo booth at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (26 Photos)

  • The thing

    #19 girl on the left is the UGLIEST bitch i've ever seen!

  • roKz


  • @TheRealKingKing

    Who are these girls, and why do I find them so damn cute?

  • Giggity

    Couldn’t get thru this fast enough. Who are some of these people?? Waste of valuable space that could be used for Tata Tuesday or something.

  • dipshitmcgee

    i recognized approximately five people in this post. Who the fuck are these people? but tina fey was in there……. sigh……. tina fay

  • teri

    Isn't #25 is Jenna Elfman…?

    • Crimson K-9

      Definitely not. Pretty sure its Olivia Munn.

    • Cdnclipper

      Nope if it was Elfman she’d be with Tom and Kattie those scientology freaks stick together!

  • Megan

    WHY did I look at this?

  • Kimmy

    Who's the old guy with her?

  • Simon

    #1 & #19

    Beautiful and has a sense of humor? Marry me Emma Stone, Maya Rudolph or Kristen Wiig!

  • chivetttttt

    Holy duck faces Batman! I counted no less than 15

  • Nighthawk

    Awww Katie and Tom are in love!! It looks so real!!!

  • Anonymous

    #18 will smith with downs?

  • D-Wiz

    #24 girl on the right wins best face making award

  • Skeeko

    Tom Cruise is the biggest douche!!!

  • Mattt

    Could’ve just put 11 up 25 times

  • i'm serious

    but they just act like normal people.. how come?

  • AndreLei

    #22 epic!

  • Salamander pants

    Where’s the guy claiming the Chive is racist? I guess this post doesn’t count??

  • who gives a fuck

    really what do i care about these false idols?

  • Always Last


  • Sidney R Watkins

    I love the photos!! We also had a photo booth hire perth on our Christmas party last year, and just the same, the candid photos are too funny to look at. The celebrities here looks more pleasant though! Kidding.

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