User submit: supercharged Mustang GT (25 HQ Photos)

  • Jason

    Most people call that a turbo, not a supercharger.

    • Dizzlenator05

      Obviously you know nothing about power adders. The only turbo you'll see that is that large will be on a diesel truck. The company that produces the SUPERCHARGER pictured here is Procharger. They don't make turbos. There are different types of superchargers, roots style (intake manifold mounted) and centrifugal (as shown on my car). A turbo is not belt driven, and this is.

      • HymenHammer

        Its still gay as justin bieber. You should get a bumper sticker saying, i bought and modded this car due to my incredibly small penis

        • Dizzlenator05

          Oh, I apologize that the car that I built for myself does not meet your "cool requirements"…actually, no I don't. Feel free to ask your sister about my small penis. I bet you play world of warcraft…in your moms basement.

          • HymenHammer

            sure you wanna take that bet? I bet your facebook profile pic is of your car. i do play call of duty in my house while your moms sucking on my cock. i could ride my bike faster than that piece of shit. go troll somewhere else.

            • Etcrr

              but arent you the one trolling?

              trollolololol ignorance is blissfull
              hey hammer…. ask me about my winnnnner!!!

    • Muadieb

      Fail. Centrifugal superchargers. Look it up.

      • Dizzlenator05

        Google for the win!! lol

  • JSD2014

    Just a question for Dan. While no doubt this is a mean mustang with serious bite….why did you go with such a large cowl when you have what looks like zero clearance issues. I dig cowl's but am curious why you went so tall? The profile looks a little out of proportion.

    • Dizzlenator05

      Actually, that hood was on the car when I bought it. I saw no need for it either, but I liked having a non-stock hood. Thought about going with a cobra hood, but they are expensive as all hell.

  • JPC217

    Wow. Dan, the entire time I was viewing that post, the only sound I could hear, was a rumble/growling in my head. Awesome, awesome, ride amigo.

    Go Navy!

  • leafsfan2005

    #18 I'm sure this thing sounds amazingly badass… but get the women the hell off the hood – even if it is a Ford.

  • etcrr

    Dan Thanks for sharing your photos, Thank you for your service. It is a nice car no doubt , good job

    • Dizzlenator05

      Thanks!! Much appreciated…

  • joeoby78

    Nice "steed" my man! I'm a Chevy LSX man myself but got to give credit where credit is due. Do my eyes spy a giggle juice button on that shift knob? Boost and spray! A man after my own heart, I think i have a mancrush on you……

  • Hater

    Dreadfull…as much style as a sleeveless Iron Maiden tshirt.

    • Dizzlenator05

      Says the guy with a mullet in an 86 Camaro wearing aviators. Cool story bro

  • ondeeeznuts

    should look into getting a good detail for all the self installed swirls and the lumpy ladies that spread the std's all over your hood! FAIL #models…NOT

    • Dizzlenator05

      I happen to be friends with all three of those ladies. 2 are married with children (not that it's any of your business). They're good people, and they wanted to take pics with my car. I apologize that they actually eat food, and live life. Next time I'll go down to the druggie side of town, and find a couple of women with their ribs showing through to impress you more. Ass…

  • Geng

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