Darwin’s exceptions (37 Photos)

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  • Taco_Depot

    #28 ya, the 3rd hand is the only wrong thing in this picture.

    • fer cyccone

      That's Jorge Omar Iglesias, AKA Isabelita Skates, he is a famous brasilian drag queen, he used to be in a series of low budget ads, but he is kind of missings from the media right now…If you think the looks are wtf, you shouldn't see he performing, is… epic.

  • Gahma-Cohma-Lahma

    #6 very common to see idiots like this where I'm at.

  • corey j

    #1 shouldnt it be the other way around? cops as pigs?

  • hailey

    and i get to drive a ten-year-old honda? not fair…

  • _maxPain_


    Kramer was a visionary,,the Manzier is trendy…
    Happy festivus.

  • coinbank


    why is that on here???

    • yeaRight

      Amish rule!

    • Fun_with_Numbrs

      I don't know. But I want one!

      • coinbank

        why limit yourself to 1….there is plowing that needs to be done. (pun intended)


      This was Kelsey Grammer's little known foray into BDSM vids.

    • CaptainObvious

      I laughed at this. Then I went back and laughed again.

  • Ray

    No damn wonder the world is coming to an end…..

  • Rick

    #10 his pants ripped lol

  • Rick

    #33 same dude diff hairdo must have been siblings

  • AllanA

    #9 What in the world ?!?….WTF?!?

  • HamSamich

    #8 meanwhile in Russia….

  • Fall

    35 is the creepiest person I’ve ever seen!

  • Lefty8

    #8 #11 Clearly this JAGUAR drink I've never heard of is to blame for all of these idiots…

  • KayMan

    I'm just glad these people represent the minority


    I could go for a chocolate milk too…I always forget that it exists as a drink option.


    #13 looks like a fat jason segal

  • Guest

    It's a tampon

  • Roadgypsy247

    What has been seen, can never be unseen. Poke my eyes out with a hot fire poker!!!!!!

  • Ruck Over

    #9 is winning but the rest… I don't want to be on this planet any more. Have to go back to the Hump Day thread to clear my head.

  • domaction

    Is #10 laying an egg??!!

  • Brian

    WTF i have been scard for life.

  • kevin

    What is jaguar energy drink? #8 and #11 both have it and look like derps. Someone should make them stop producing it and save the youth.

  • Good_Ash

    This may be the most judgemental Chive thread of all time.

  • Alex

    #33 is that rumor Willis?

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