It appears sir, that you have nailed it (23 Photos)

  • bpierson85


    At lest he's not sitting on it the other way. Then he would have nailed himself.

  • Anonymous

    Why cant i stop watching her get nailed in he face uhhhh somebody take this phone away!

  • its_forge

    #9 WTF were you expecting? With no cheese or sauce to stick the ingredients to the crust, you may as well have ordered a crust and a drink cup with meat in it.

  • Delicious

    #9 I do what I want. Haters gonna hate on my pizza.

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 Ugh, is that the before or after… and I'm NOT talking about baking.

  • Master_Rahl

    #6 This is a step in the right direction. At least the package is no longer a projectile.

  • Master_Rahl

    #16 To surf the Chive properly, one must have inner balance.

  • Gco

    I don't get #13 What's going on?

    • Joe Momma

      Think about whats at the bottom left of the picture…

    • bill

      Appears to be an outlet in the shower

      • Gco

        OOOOHHHHHHH got it. Thanks lol

  • fazzorama

    #22 classic

  • tommytwotime

    #9 man that looks so effing terrible and #22 HAHAHAHA!!!!

  • @danieljillm

    #22 I got that bitch a ball. Bitches love balls.

  • chris

    #7 is so irresponsible – I simply can not believe that they didn't use a groundwire

  • AllanA

    #22 LOL Definitely nailed her

  • Baconstew

    #6 USPS actually getting it done.
    #7 Been there, done that.

  • LoyalHoustonChiver

    Ie done #7 so many times too

  • TChrisB


  • @PaulBaylor

    I don't get number 8. What are they trying to accomplish? What is it that they taped onto the shampoo bottles?

  • Tavist

    #22 pretty sure she's not going to the prom with him now!

  • clay

    The inability to make the fist is second to the fact that they're using IE.

  • James Munn

    #22 LMFAO!!!!! That was perfect timing.


    #5 No you didn't!

  • Traylor

    I have seriously been at the lace that has that shower in #4, I have bathed in that!

  • Oregon_country

    #14 Trust me I'm an engineer, just keep at it.

  • Smelly_Potato

    #13, Its so you can plug in your hair drier, its how Einstein kept his hairdo relative.

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