Send in your photo and theCHIVE will predict the 1st thing you’d try to save if the world was ending (56 SESSION CLOSED)

To celebrate the launch of Mass Effect 3, today theCHIVE is going to have a little fun and predict your future. Simply submit a photo of yourself to endofdayschive [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll caption it when it arrives.

Photos submitted to the standard thechivesubmit account will not be counted!

Bob, Mac, and I are waiting to make fun of you so get those photos in!


  • NcouthYouth

    This will either be really good… or continue the not so great streak today has been.

  • All methed up

    I’ve refreshed a few times in the past 10 min an it appears to be holding pretty steady at 5 n countin lol

  • Paula_


    [edit] Ow! Ow! Ow! Who submitted me this time?

    – Fan testimonial: "Damn it Paula, I just opened your "sfw" in class…I sit in 3rd row of a 20 row class. Someone definitely saw me checking out boobs."

    • joshua

      you wish you were as cool as me.

    • WTF

      SAVE HER

  • ikeepitreal

    #5 is pretty damn sexy. More!

    • SARmedic

      That's what I was thinking!

    • ikeepitreal

      so they changed what was # 5 to now #2

      I wonder what the country girl would try and save?

      • Jen

        CAMO! duh.

  • hark1985

    #2 I would save that Endless Summer poster.

    • Allen

      Find Moar of #2

  • Dave

    #8 we’re besties and I’m so in love with you. Gary treats you like s**t. It’s about time you dump him and go out with me!!

  • saltygary

    I made this the time they did it last year. Submitted the same photo for shits and another which I doubt will make it. I'm always the picture take so there is not many of just me…

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Hey guys, I wouldn't post a picture in the comments…the #'s are gonna change.

    • J.D.

      … no they wont …

      • Unfkngblvbl

        they already did…twice, but they fixed it.

    • Paula_

      Eternal truth #28:
      <img src=""&gt;
      – Fan testimonial: "I bet Paula is smokin hot!! Long live Paula"

  • Julie

    hahahhahahhaa you guys are dicks ahhahahahahahhahahha love it

    • echogeo

      Ain't it the truth!

      • Julie

        i fucking love it though haha

    • yup

      Ahhh.. the CHIVE… not only milking you for money with it's "I'm cool too" products…. But then making fun of the ones who do…. and ya just keep on goin with the illusion……

  • Chad

    Well let’s see here #1 douchebag, #3 douchebag, #5 douchebag, #7 douchebag!!!!! I see a pattern here, all odd numbers are going to waste our time!!!!!

    • Your mama

      how come when i hold my mouse over the last picture it changes…?
      I'm not complaining

  • @brentrschultz

    Hmmmm. Did not laugh. Try again.

    • Paula's Pet

      That's cause your beans and frank are caught in your zipper..

    • who cares

      Seriously, these all sucked. I had to scroll down here to make sure the people on this site hadn't gone completely fucking retarded. Glad the first comment reassured me.

  • Ryan

    Come on chive! Put my pics up! Die hard chivers over here!

  • joshua

    #9 the funny thing is I drive a v8…

    • ZachBob

      I didn't know they made a V8 prius.

    • Zulyeka

      Just the engine? Sounds like a prius owner comment…"Oh yeah…well I drive a…umm…a V8!"

    • Smh...

      The V8 splash you have in the cup holder does not count….

  • gaydar

    #21 and #22 are dating each other, no other explanation,,

  • Paula_

    Meow delete it againsies!

    – Fan testimonial: "Damn it Paula, I just opened your "sfw" in class…I sit in 3rd row of a 20 row class. Someone definitely saw me checking out boobs. "

    • @McBeastie666

      you have no personality…so…'s a draw…..actually, no, at least Paula is interesting….you lose.

    • Derka

      etcrr, you really are an insecure douche bag. Kinda entertaining, in a pathetic way,

    • Paula_

      Who says I vote you down? Lies, lies I tell you! I always think of your ass and then put a thumb up!

      – Fan testimonial: "I do enjoy watching you get folks upset and I'm surprised by how personal some of them seem to take you. Looking forward to your next rant."

      • Jen

        hurry up and deleted those down voted comments before it fucks with your rating!

  • Paula_

    #21: collection of 214,800 questionable photos of sheep.

    – Fan testimonial: "You provide a necessary spark to our site."

  • Oregon_country

    #1 Birth control as in pants that make her bend over?

  • Anonymous

    #34 good lord!

  • bones

    #34 good lord!

    • Underbaker

      Seriously conflicted here. Boobs yay, Spider yikes.

      • mittens

        Fuck it; it's just a tattoo, and they're still boobs.

        • BlitheDisregard

          Actually its a pink toe tarantula her name is Tinkerbell.

          • jago

            Did not need the tattoo to stare at your boobs lady. You're trying too hard! Nice tits though.

            • BlitheDisregard

              It's not a tattoo I promise you.

              • dandude

                Awesome boobs

              • Underbaker

                I trust you, that is why I am staying away. I can handle snakes, roaches, slimy things and all types of things that make other people cringe, but spiders just pluck a primal chord that gives me the willies. Other then that two thumbs up and hope to see you in future FLBP galleries.

    • CaNaDaaa


  • Dirty

    Girl in the mirror, please save DAT ASSS!!

  • tommytwotime

    #26 "his etchings" hahahahaha!

    • yope

      don't get it

  • Amigo


  • Carlos

    So damn funny. But I'd definitely do #15, #25, #30 and #34 with no regrets.

  • coinbank

    #46 on the left….FDS….Future Diabetes Sufferer

    • SaltLakeChiver

      She'd save her muffintop.

      • anony


    • Christy


      • coinbank

        agreed, but funny none the less

    • Gallus

      How can you be so rude to a Chivette? Let's see a pic of *you*.

      • coinbank

        hells no….1st of all i am a dude, 2nd, i am hideous

    • See what i?

      I'd still Porker.

  • rick


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