• Renaldo

    That’s why you tell him there’s cooked water in there.

  • Tyler

    That… was awesome.

  • Nick

    Like… A… Boss!!!

  • Matt

    Its 2012… don't you think it's time for HTML5 video?

  • http://Teamhammafist.com TeamHAMMAFIST.com

    It was the CM Punk t-shirt, and the inherent magical powers of awesomeness it possesses.

  • JDB85

    HAHAHA, That was great.

  • Damian

    Who is the chick in the stripper boots?

  • jpo

    i want to punch that guy with the jew fro in the the face

  • Anonymous

    Whose the hot girl in the back at 1:25????

  • Joslin

    I'm surprised he didn't heave the water at his friends.

  • tommytwotime

    HAHAHAHA!!! Did the dude say "OOOOOH IN THE DEVIL's DEN!!!!" or "OOOOOOH IN THE DEVIL'S DICK!!!"

  • Chris Barretto

    The ceiling is to low… I'm guessing.

  • Jake


  • Ryan S

    My baby wont fit in a deck of cards…

  • ros

    Thing is, it is literally impossible for this trick not to end like this. That's what's surprising about it. Physics. Try it.

  • Not a fan

    Chive, y u post obvious fake video.

  • bananaman

    Hey isn't that FreddieW from youtube????

  • Gallus

    Great ending! I absolutely hate practical jokes and pranks, so I *love*it when pranksters get a slap in the face.

  • DJDavyDave

    People who think this is fake…you can see water come out….1:24/1:25

    • Not a fan

      Its a production. It probably took many takes to get it right. Note where the camera cuts at :59.

  • Mr. Fugguhbich

    Asian guy from Heroes and Tosh.o

  • jl1617

    Fucking awesome.

  • Wesley Gardner

    Reblogged this on Wesley Gardner.

  • jon

    he shouldve thrown the water on the guy after he caught it.

  • Eric

    Like a boss! However no man should ever have the reaction, "Oooooh magic!"

  • ndanger

    itsa freddy wong, so im not sure if its fake or not.

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