The Invisible Children. KONY 2012 (Video)

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This video was brought to my attention this morning by over 1,000 Chivers submitting this video on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Ugandan children that need our help to escape the wrath of a war criminal named Joseph Kony.

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  • Chris Matos

    It's astonishing how near sighted this country is culturally and how everyone just loves the good old fashion bandwagon. Not saying this isn't a just cause, but the reaction to this video (which has been around a while) is the equivalent of a child seeing and loving something shiny and eye grabbing with no real understanding of what it is. Ugandan government is just as guilty of fucking over its people as Kony… Oh and remember Hati (still in dire straights)? Rwanda? Darfur? New Orleans? Its hard being in my position and seeing the extent of vapidity people demonstrate… ohh cake!

  • not happy

    Kinda sad you jumped on this crappy bandwagon Chive.

  • Paul from the gump

    they shouldnt be asking for anything numb nuts.

  • Dr. Evil

    LMFAO! Mayer thinks he's the reason this video went viral!

    Self-deluded moron!

  • Dr. Evil

    Mayer in a nutshell.
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