The Invisible Children. KONY 2012 (Video)

This video was brought to my attention this morning by over 1,000 Chivers submitting this video on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Ugandan children that need our help to escape the wrath of a war criminal named Joseph Kony.

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  • Jon

    28:26. Humans shaping human history. You don't say…

  • GSham

    I’ll thumbs down prayer, instead of wasting time praying to one of the 300 gods that humans have worshiped. Use that time donating or sharing or whatever you can do to help.

    • Kevin

      Feel sorry for you. The fact that you were thought of enough to be put here on earth For a purpose and to know you don’t believe in a higher power is pretty pathetic. The really ignorant part is that you may be doing your part to help which is a christ like action but yoi refuse to acknowledge it. All I can is that when you die I hope you are right. Or you may be lifted up to your mother ship. Who knows. LOL.

  • Matt

    30 minutes long? I’ve got better things to do.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a trap!! There’s no tits in this video!!

  • Troop

    Since the video doesn't say it, thank you to the American troops who are risking their lives as we speak in various parts of Africa to support causes like this. No one hears about them either.

  • Capt. Jack

    I am a devout Catholic who does not believe in God i firmly believes in the Church founded by Jesus Christ and have immense respect for his Mother, the Virgin Mary. His teachings and Godly lifestyle are how I aspire to live my life. I read and study scripture daily. An omnipotent all powerful God like creator? Ummm not likely.

  • Andrew
  • wayy north

    If Tri submits to external audit then u should support the movement… How can u just ask for a few dollars a month and give no allocation for where the fundage is being applied.. Seriously it would take 1 sentence to state what % goes where… Great vid but its missing some facts… One thing that is apparent, ICC is totally a bullshit kangaroo court…

    Why send in 100 advisors when seal team 6 could knock that predo out in a couples days?? My f-ing large brain hurts when u.s foreign policy enters it…

    • @McBeastie666

      they account for all their funding on their website.

  • pingthis

    Just be careful. Sounds very worthy but, they refuse to allow the Better Business Bureau access to them and their finances to be reviewed.

    This KONY, Invisible Children charity~ IC began filming in 2003, NINE years ago. Although is just now spreading the word. Requests from IC were denied and they refused to provide the BBB with information to see if it met the bureau's standards. Charity Navigator gave it a 3-star rating because IC won't let their finances be independently audited. Research before you donate.

  • Kendra

    Interesting. Because when Saddam Hussein was committing crimes against humanity and slaughtering Kurds, it was tragic, yet the majority of the American population had no interest in getting involved. It took the threat of WMD to get public support for the invasion. Yet they see one 30 min video about yet another evil African terrorist and get worked up about it. Hypocrisy at its best?

    • @McBeastie666

      over-simplification at it's best? the "majority of the American population" isn't worked up about this…hence the video….geez….

  • Jastogie

    You cannot be a devout Catholic and not believe in God. What you described is being an atheist who follows Christian principles.

  • Realistic

    The world sucks, people like Kony have existed since the dawn of time and will exist until the end of time. I agree getting rid of Kony and others like him would be a great thing, but lets be realistic here for a minute. There is no secret utopia out there, the world is what the world is, there will continue to be war, there will continue to be hatred, there will continue to places in the world like this UNTIL GOVT IS STOPPED! Doesnt everyone realize that every problem in the world has one of two root causes, GOVT or RELIGION! And as long as both exist things will never get better. Go ahead call me a pesimist, I prefer to think of myself as a realist! I dont believe in god, and I dont believe that the world is some magical place full of smiles and roses! How about taking care of the problems in our country, with our own children, how about some outrage as to how we are treated, and how are children are treated. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Rocknrolla

    It would be one elaborate scheme if it is. Specially to go that public about it. I’m for the cause, if your not cool, keep calm chive on!

  • OneBadAss

    Does no one remember Somalia? If we are really serious about this, then apply the principles of war. I'm talking concentration of force that is overwhelming and not a few advisors here and there. Don't make this another Somalia or worse… Vietnam.

  • Waty

    Send SEAL Team 6 in. It will be over quick.

  • Zach

    only 33% of your dollar goes to this cause… do your research. 33% goes to "expenses" and the last 33% goes to salaries…

  • chivejiver

    There’s a critique section on the IC site. All charities have faults. But there is no greater time than now to utilize social media to showcase the raw power it has. Seal Team 6 has larger fish to fry. By taking out Kony a door opens for even greater good that can come from rallying together. So stop the hate and chive on. Imagine if Facebook was apart of the ’60’s! 0.o

  • Anonymous

    Good! I needed a new tshirt. My liberate Egypt one is so like last year. Political scamgate 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Wait! You dont hate children…. Do you?

  • Chris Matos

    It's astonishing how near sighted this country is culturally and how everyone just loves the good old fashion bandwagon. Not saying this isn't a just cause, but the reaction to this video (which has been around a while) is the equivalent of a child seeing and loving something shiny and eye grabbing with no real understanding of what it is. Ugandan government is just as guilty of fucking over its people as Kony… Oh and remember Hati (still in dire straights)? Rwanda? Darfur? New Orleans? Its hard being in my position and seeing the extent of vapidity people demonstrate… ohh cake!

  • not happy

    Kinda sad you jumped on this crappy bandwagon Chive.

  • Paul from the gump

    they shouldnt be asking for anything numb nuts.

  • Dr. Evil

    LMFAO! Mayer thinks he's the reason this video went viral!

    Self-deluded moron!

  • Dr. Evil

    Mayer in a nutshell.
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