The Invisible Children. KONY 2012 (Video)

This video was brought to my attention this morning by over 1,000 Chivers submitting this video on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Ugandan children that need our help to escape the wrath of a war criminal named Joseph Kony.

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  • Edwards05

    Coming from someone who has been to Uganda and done missionary work there. I was in a city where this was going on and i have to say it sickens my heart and breaks my heart at the same time. We can do something and i believe in this cause

  • GR17

    So some 2nd year student trolls / posts on tumblr that Kony 2012 is maybe not what it seems, and some idiots take his word for truth and cite it as evidence that kony2012 and the organisation behind it is a scam ???

    Because the word of a 2nd year sociology student on tumblr is gospel compared to a charitable organisation thats been going for years.
    Fukkin GENIUS

    Honestly, this is the level we are at, a student posting conjecture on tumblr is taken as fact and evidence. What happens when he starts to back track and admits he was wrong on several points and was just playing devils advocate…. like he has since done.

    is nonsense, written by someone looking for some reflective internet fame

    FACT – It doesnt matter if you donate, or not, its about AWARENESS
    If you dont get that, and if you think some crap tumblr blog post is fact when it has more holes than swiss cheese, then PLEASE turn off your computer because you are too thick for the internet

  • Lisa

    What good does all of this ranting & raving against this video and certain organizations do? At least this video has brought an awareness to the atrocities occurring around the world. Yes, we have our own issues here in America, but there is not massive genocide around us. We should be thankful for what we have and try to help those who are not as fortunate. Whether that is helping those in need here in America, or joining an organization like Invisible Children or any charity. You will be hard pressed to find the perfect charity that donates 100% of the funds to the cause, because its the world we live in today. Advertisement like this costs money. The point should be to direct all of this energy and passion and support a cause.

    I have never left a comment before on here… but seeing certain Chiver's angry responses sickened me. What happened to helping those in need?

  • Jamuna

    "Keep it about Joseph Kony, Not KONY 2012."

  • army1

    Lets be honest here. Where is your donation money actually making an affect? Do you think giving an organization money stops anyone from waging guerilla warfare? I think not. If you're so dedicated to helping the children, pick up an AK-47 from your local gunstore and send yourself to Africa to fight the guerillas yourself. Joseph Kony isn't going to stop just because you gave an organization ten bucks.

    • Flg1293

      You obviously dont get the video. Its not about donating money its about making people aware of the situation and getting konys name out there. The donation is probably for what it costs to make all those posters

    • @McBeastie666

      the money they already received has led to this discussion and added awareness…i.e. you would never had made that snide ass comment if nobody had donated. seeing as though this is an awareness campaign…I'd say it is doing its job…
      but nice attitude….my 10 bucks isn't going to help so fuck it? I'm not sure about this particular organization's capacity to change things, but I hope your overall narrow-mindedness is a minority viewpoint.

  • Danny

    United States Department of Defense = World Police. Really people! If you really wanna help…..JOIN THE MILITARY and deploy YOUR butt over there. Dollars a year and bracelets don't kill people. Bullets and bombs do. OR buy the Ugandan a couple M1 Abrams and F15's so they can take care of the problem themselves. Couple dollars a year should cover that bill… taxes.

    • Bcit

      Its not about killing people, its about bringing people to justice. The main thing is to recognize that it is happening. If you dont care thats fine, but as long as you are aware, thats the whole point

    • @McBeastie666


  • J.r

    I've tried a couple of the links and gotten several messages that the servers are overwhelmed… I hope this is a good sign as people are in motion to assist this cause!


    THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER!!!! (in a good way) This will make young people everywhere believe that they can change the world and finally understand the power of people

  • DotsOfColor

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  • connor

    to anyone who asked how much difference this can really make. keep in mind, this is STEP 1… Getting Kony is only the beginning. there is a long list of people to get, it starts here

  • David

    This video is not about raising money, but raising awareness. It’s completely impractical for you to say “if you want to fix it join the military” the video was made to raise as much awareness as possible so the government doesn’t remove the troops from Ugonda.

  • shnugs

    Its a wonderful world we live in. 8

  • catthepirates
  • fasdfaa

    Anyone who buys shit from invisible children is a retarded sheep. Think for yourselves people! Do some fucking research before thinking that posting a video is doing any good for the world. If you wanna maje a difference, donate or volunteer for Medecins Sans Frontiers, Engineers Sans Frontiers, or the Peace Corp or Red Cross.

    WAKE UP!

    • @McBeastie666

      if there is something in particular you want to make known about the organization (through your exhaustive research I'm sure you did on the subject) then please let us know. I'm serious…if you absolutely know something about the disingenuousness of Invisible Children then just say it and make people aware instead of being an asshole.

  • jrreally

    please remain informed about issues, especially before donating to questionable companies with brilliant videography.

  • Colin

    I don't not see how stop one man, one tiny man, will do anything for these people. there will always be another that pops up to take his spot and to continue to push forward.

    • @McBeastie666

      Gandhi was a tiny man.

  • MoCo

    Here is a link to the actual facts regarding Invisible Children's spending.

  • Izzy

    KONY 2012 – Gettin' involved in Hong Kong. Peace.

  • Shayla

    ordered my kit today!! KCCO hope to see all you Saskatoon chivers April 20th

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good message but the Ugandan government has used child soldiers also, not to mention the crimes of humanity they’ve been accused of. This also shows how the masses can be manipulated via Internet. But saving children is a good thing, if you do it the right way.

  • This guy

    I dont even know what to think anymore. Whats fact and whats fiction? I just want Joseph Kony brought to justice. Not incarceration, he desereves execution. Flat out

  • Seano

    Dear Chive,

    I get it. At first glance, this is a noble cause. But that is really only at first glance. It is not at all what it really seems to be. It is full of misappropriated funding and overzealousness. They are also grossly oversimplifying and distorting the overall picture. Please please PLEASE don't just post something without really thinking about the impact it may have on the large amount of people you reach.

    ~Seano, KCCO

  • Chiver

    This is Houston, 300-ish reporting in.

  • Chiver2

    Haters are going to hate. We’ll just let them sit this one out.

  • Irishwolfhound

    A warlord is slaughtering thousands of people in Africa, only one way to stop him. Make a tacky youtube video. The only way to stop men like Kony is with force, but if you sent soldiers to stop him liberals would bitch and moan about non violence. The thing is i consider myself a liberal person with respect to many social issues but when it comes to guy's like Kony, just fuckin take him out.

    • @McBeastie666

      c'mon man…it's obviously not as easy as "just fuckin take him out." you're the tacky one.

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