Wanted: Marketing Manager for The Chivery

As some of you may recall, we were hiring a marketing manager for TheChivery.com a few months ago. Long story short, we hired someone and it didn't really work out because they fibbed about their experience.
So we're back to stimulating the economy and looking for a true blue badass to fill this position. We have a laundry list of requirements, but we will only consider candidates with at least the following skill sets:

-Must have online marketing experience
-Must be a graphic designer and well versed in Photoshop and Illustrator (we need to see your portfolio)
-Must have experience with Mail Chimp
-Must have experience with Adsense and Facebook advertising
-Must live in Los Angeles as our offices are in Venice

If you meet the above criteria, even if you applied before, please click HERE to read the rest of the job description and apply. KCCO!

  • Shitface

    -Must have online marketing experience
    -Must be a graphic designer and well versed in Photoshop and Illustrator (we need to see your portfolio)
    -Must have experience with Adsense and Facebook advertising

    I qualify to above criteria only I never heard of Mail Chimp plus I live from the other part of the World.

  • shitface

    fuck how will see my portfolio if you'll block the link comments. bummer

  • Hamsey

    No wonder you can't find a candidate. When will companies realise that if you want a graphic designer HIRE A GRAPHIC DESIGNER. If you want a Marketing Manager HIRE A MARKETING MANAGER. The idea that it is one and the same just means the candidate will be shit at one or the other as they are two different professional positions. Stop being a tight-arse and hire two professionals to do each job properly!

    • justinMski@gmail.com

      Or they’ll suck at both. I believe it’s really a matter of logistics. There just isn’t enough time in a day to do both correctly. It’s like having doctors do there own nursing. Using the right tool for the job is the true deciding factor in success or failure

    • Dan E

      Nobody seems to understand that in the business world. Guys,you're going to have a hard time finding one person with all those skills who kicks ass perfectly. I've worked off and on in marketing and graphic design for the past 12 years and besides being too full of divas, its always feast or famine. When there's famine you're gone, and then have to walk on water and shit gold to find the next job. Hire more than one person! Take some $$$ from the "fly a chick out here fund".

    • BBZB


  • shitface

    how about hiring a tshirt printer??? one who knows how to make silk screen…. I CAN SEND YOU A PORTFOLIO…. I think that's the most you need since you got your best sellers out of stock. when the design is just TOO EASY TO REPRODUCE. I actually made one for myself and hubby. yeah and I hope you won't sue me for copyright, we're chivers and you got no stock. soooo… I created one. ;-P

  • Sheldon

    Dear chive,
    I have your back. 7 ate 9 so 10 ran the hell away. Still the reason 17 is illegal. 10 is scared of 7. Anyways I like beer, chivettes , and beautiful weather, the three are in order. Kcco

  • devious_kid

    I don’t have any lol but ill take any job you throw out at me (:


    Hire me!!! Finished studying law and fucking bored, save me!!!!!

  • Alisha

    Oooh how I wish I had the experience 😦 Wont be graduating until December 😦 Good luck finding the perfect candidate 🙂

  • http://Tadesignwear.com Andy

    Best marketing advice I can give and it’s free. Get more shirts! Shouldn’t be too hard to keep in stock. I’ll crank them out around the clock if you want. Sounds like y’all are missing out on a lot of marketing right there.

  • BBZB

    Why would you require a MarKeting DIRECTOR to use photoshop and have a portfolio!?
    Sorry chive, i love you but sounds like you have a job posting fail.

    Get a good director, and give them a production graphic artist. Let the director focus on strategy, not making pretty images and posting to Facebook.

  • Jake

    The fact that people are so worked up about the T-Shirts only feeds the demand for more. I love it.

  • http://Www.johnferndesign.com JF

    Im now in “marketing” but started out as a graphic designer in chicago and I can agree that the person ur looking for probably already has a steady job and doesn’t want to switch… Or… Doesn’t exist. Despite that I’m in “marketing”… Im a designer. Not both. I’d love to work for the chive tho!! If u want to fly me out I’ll show u everything I got!

  • Cheif

    Marketing manager? Seriously? How about a fcuking stock boy to just keep the damn inventory.

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