• First

    That is fucking intense and equally hilarious

    • smartone

      wat a load of fukin crap

  • Ass-man

    My dick is warm, so if you pour water on it it won't be warm anymore.

    • syber snail

      unless it's warm water

  • Guest

    not to be a troll but i just wanna point out how easy that trick was to catch, he obviously switch the three when he said purple just before giving them to the first guy from audience, besides that this guy fucking rocks

    • Charlotte

      I think you're right,they are already knotted and if you look,he un-knots the other handkerchiefs in a slight of hand at 4.10. His brilliant stage presence is very distracting! 🙂

  • jergins

    Pretty sure Alec needs to check the definition of “dry” sense of humor.

  • Matt

    html5. its common sense.

  • knotmee

    fuck video ads. fuck 21 jump street. fuck fat, skinny, and now getting fat again jonah hill.

    • jowi

      i am with you on that one. I am getting tired of 21 jump street ads to the point i know i won't be going to see it and i won't even download the dam thing just goes i am tired of hearing it.

    • Greg

      fuck the fact that chive makes adds for this shit the whole background to the site, has sidebar adds, AND forced pre-video adds. dafuq?

    • asdf

      Fuck any idiot that bitches about ads on a website. It's called Firefox with the adblock plus add-on. If you're too slow to figure this stuff out, then get the fuck off of the site and go back to sesame street you fucking tool.

  • JNew

    only thing is that he should of brought up a girl…then stare intently an then say….AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!…lol

  • Eder St. Cool

    "Affirmative action"

  • matthew

    this kid has already mastered his craft. he's learned that presence is more important than the complexity of the trick. he will go far.

  • troy


  • Johnny

    Damn, Magician with a sense of humor! What more can we ask for?!

  • brofessional

    he probably has zero friends doeee

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