• The Dude

    This is was a test of Mother Nature and the act of man. #winning

  • Anonymous

    Dolphins are supposed to be smart. WTF?!?! Now I don’t know what to believe.

  • the dude

    mass suicide attempt fail

  • HotashNerd

    It looks like they are dragging dead bodies into the ocean. Poor little guys 😦

  • Dan

    Awesome Video, AWESOME! – now the questions is…would people do the same for sharks?

    • http://Www.sharksaredicks.com Anonymous

      Because sharks are dicks.

  • SARmedic

    Good karma is headed their way. The dolphins were lucky it happened where a bunch of people were.

  • dipshitmcgee

    the killer whale that chased them up there, is pissing himself laughing as he prepares to feast

  • Dingaling

    Good going dickheads! Those dolphins were about to do evolution and you guys just screwed it all up.

  • D-man

    They were chasing a school of bait fish up to the beach. I’ve seen it before at St George island

  • ry_linch

    heard they were looking for Kony….

  • Tate760

    Y’all r a bunch of ass holes. It’s people doing good.

  • Jono

    It was a test! The dolphins wanted to check and see if all humans are douche bags. Thank the beach goers of Brazil, they saved the human race from the dolphin invasion.

  • K-VON

    Seems the first plan to take over the human race was thwarted early on. Excellent defence, humans.

  • Booyah!

    Brasil has ugly girls. Damn those fake thong pics they advertise!

  • Ndtwiggy

    Dolphins are extremely smart!! For those that are cynical, it probably has to do with our actions that drove them on beach if they werent sick. Such as our sonar screws theirs up, pollution, & if they were chasing a school of fish why were they soooo hungry they needed to chase so vigorously? What did the consequences of our actions drive them to this? The rest of u who post with humor…. ur not funny & should try another profession.

    If u cant say anything nice, save urself precious moments of ur time and stay away from the keyboard. That will actually save all of us precious negative time we cannot get back.

    If ur a miseable person complain to ur friends and family. If they no longer listen then u know u gotta problem and maybe should work on it!!!

  • Whalewatcher

    what about the whale in the white dress?

  • Jodiphfer

    If a pod of Dolphins beach themselves, they usually do it to either catch fish or for some health reason. Like the pod is sick.

  • Cheif

    The dolphins were saved!! No thanks to the camera man…

  • acesilverfox

    the land attack failed……for now at least.

  • dorky_dolphin

    I wonder why they wen't on shore like that? maybe they were chasing fish. Dolphins are pretty crazy, I've seen them almost jump into people boats… like this bitly.com/HLJicx CRAZY DOLHPINS!

  • dave

    you can tell it's really brazil from the stupid beach paddles they all seem to have.

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