I can’t help but wonder if this would actually work? (12 Photos)

This might be brilliant. I’ll let y’all decide what the actual outcome of this scenario would be….

  • Jordin

    I’m a chick and this would totally work. Anyone who says it’s NOT about mind games is one of those people who goes into a relationship too strong and ‘straightforward’ and ends up looking crazy.

    • Derp

      Yeah, who the heck goes into a relationship with honesty. Relationships are built on lies and deceit!

    • Stuart

      Seems to me this would only work on a person with low self esteem who desperately seeks approval from others as they see it as some measure of self worth. Good for a good time, but let’s be real… Any person who falls for this your not taking home to mommy anyway.
      Nice shoes jordin, but what’s going on with that hair of yours? Let’s grab a drink sometime. Heh

  • http://artisticbiker.com Jonathan

    It doesn't work. When I tried it on my wife a few minutes ago, she was all, "Who the fuck's LISA?!?"

  • Noegod

    I fucking HATE mind games!!! Life is too short to fuck around with one another’s emotions! “It takes far too much breath to speak a lie, Honesty allows you to breathe!” -Noe Carrizales 2011

    • yoki

      bro, u’ll keep saying this until someone f*cks u over in the near future for laying ur heart out bare.^^.

      lies don’t make u an evil person…. and don’t tell me u’ve never lied either.!

      • Noegod

        Well sir, I actually use to lie quite a bit. But I realized that those lies weren’t getting me nearly as much that I want, especially when I considered that the lies were just hurting innocent people, including people I cared about! Now, when people try lying to me, I can not only catch it, but I avoid it! Lying to each other is a waste of precious time! And life is too short! What will you do we you fall in love with the woman of your dreams, and you were lying the whole time?! Don’t you watch any movies?

  • G-len

    Too funny Jonathan.

  • Daniel

    Bang jennifer, or whatever her name is!

  • Always Last


  • Sea

    What movie?

  • Anonymous

    What movie is this from ?

  • Anonymous

    The movie is “Love and other drugs”

  • TJay

    The movie is “Love and other drugs”

  • Em

    Id probably wouldn’t even turn my head. I’m not friendly.

  • plumpyplatypus

    what if her name turns out to actually be Lisa…

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