I want to go to there (40 photos)

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  • etcrr

    #25 please

    • thank you

      please what?

  • MattKL

    #10 #13 #31 #42 Simply cool, they almost look like they could be on another planet.

    • HaikuFist

      I think the redwood one is Muir Woods north of San Francisco

  • CarolinaDoorMan

    Where is #5?

  • Amadeusrex

    #22 – If this is where good friends meet, what does it say that he is all alone?

  • RGee

    … wonders why people are still asking where places are … don`t you read the posts of others before asking ?

  • gomavs123


  • Ben

    #31 is the stone forest on the Lena River in Russia

  • curvingedge

    Reblogged this on CurvingEdge.

  • bob

    #17 Forever Alone!

  • meh

    #5 looks like Capilano suspension bridge, BC

  • williemo32

    i wouldnt mind going to all of these places, in no particular order, all at once.

  • yachtmandu

    #27 is the top of Black Tusk – Whistler, BC

  • Anonymous

    Where is #27 does anybody know?

  • lovethePOW

    pumped on the shred video at the end BOOYAH!!!!!

  • Scotsman

    Need this post in HQ. I need a new wallpaper!

  • yeeNyeee

    #13 half dome in yosemite national park CA,amazing place,only 2hrs away from me

  • Gijs

    I noticed #32 Uluwatu Temple, Bukit Peninsula, Bali and wanted to shout: Been there, done that!
    But then I remembered to KC&CO.

  • dan

    Where are 20 25 28

  • Michael

    # 5 is an absolute lie! That bridge is never that empty!

  • ssssschiverinschool

    notice in #22 hes all alone!!!!

  • Steve Grenier

    Nothing makes me love being alive and hate my life more than posts like these.

  • Munks

    Where is #18 at?

  • Bmorechivette

    Where is 1 and 29???

  • Purple ninja

    #28 been there it’s really pretty and the snorkeling tour is awesome…btw it’s in the Florida Keys 🙂

  • Gallus

    Some of these locations are exciting, some are comforting. But #22 is a sobering reminder of where I usually end up. 😦

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