Micro-sculptures by Willard Wigan take a steady hand (30 Photos)

  • Juice

    I need to invite this guy to a dinner for SCHMUCKS!!
    I think I’d win

  • chicago

    patience like his is a skill of its own. I get anxious waiting at red lights or waiting for toast.

    • chicago

      setting the toaster level to "carbon brick" only makes for burnt edges. Yes, that's the level setting. it's a strange toaster.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a crazy amount if talent!!!

  • undo75

    That not art!

  • SadeShadz

    #22 Holy shit balls! This is awesome! o__O

  • Rtb

    I’d ask about buying one but I’d probably end up accidentally sewing with it

  • Camel

    What, no camel?

  • horncusker

    What is this
    I don't even

  • Adam

    What are these? Sculptures for ANTS?!?!

  • Hoodie

    This guy is obviously a virgin

  • http://www.markalmighty.com Mark Almighty

    I choose to disbelieve such talent is possible so that my own accomplishments seem less trivial.

    I do this for my own good and piece of mind.

    Thank you, please drive through.

  • Sweetness

    They are pretty awesome.. Lots of patience and dedication.

  • bieber

    #5.. holding a different pin then one pictured on the right, lies….

  • Impressive Hobby

    Shocked there wasn't a "Too much time on his hands comment".

  • Curtis

    I’d really love to buy one… But I think I’d lose it!!!

  • Simon

    Some vore fan is doubtlessly masturbating vigorously over #23.

  • Maddie

    I’ve met this guy before and he is amazing

  • ZERO

    truly amazing!

  • Anonymous

    I’m skeptic

  • majorfathead

    Pretty damn amazing!

  • Anonymous

    Schmucks that’s funny.

  • revcavemandan

    #4 all the way but all of these are pretty amazing. i just wonder how you find yourself to have this kind of talent?

  • Carnoculus

    … But why?

  • http://jdwaggoner.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/you-wont-believe-this/ You won’t believe this! « The Old Gray Cat

    […] Wigan makes sculptures inside of the eyes of needles, or on the heads of pins. He apparently does this by hand but with the aid of a microscope. I […]

  • Gallus

    I am literally speechless. These works are all great, but I collect castles so #28 is my fav.

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