• Boooger

    Awesome technology, shitty video.
    The phones and battery will still be rigid, but it allows the screen to be a separate roll up display while the rest is in your pocket or elsewhere.

  • Scope

    This video is from last years CES:

  • shar

    just checked out that nokia morph concept… do want.

  • Da Sandman

    i think the only con would be that when folded for a long time, it will stay that way.. unless you keep it folded the other way around for a while…

  • Smitty

    Who else, @ 0:33, thought; 'crap, he just broke it!' ?

  • HandsomeRob1863

    This is just screaming, “I left my phone in my pants and put it through the wash because I though it was a sheet of paper.”


    love it.. just miss my Printed media

  • Rick

    This would make an excellent TV

  • sneakypete

    dat shit cray! Ain't it Jay?

  • trustmeinanengineer

    This is just the display that is flexible. There are still a few things to factor out in the display alone, never the less a microprocessor in creating a true device for market.

    google ieee flexible electronics if you want the skinny on it.

    titty sprinkles

  • Motofoxe

    I want to see the hammer impact. I also want to know, will it blend?

  • troyan

    yes here is my house for that!!!!….damm thank god some one have a good idea!!!

  • dwide schrude

    I'm sure the battery life is outstanding.

  • rfe

    oh no i dropped my phone!!

    *phone takes 4 seconds to hit the ground*

    *phone gently lands on ground like a falling leaf*


  • cheynecg

    You could probably also use that phone as toilet paper.

  •,6 computers | Pearltrees

    […] Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES Video : theCHIVE ( StreetAuthority) […]

  • Vince

    What purpose does this serve? Its a technological advancement, yes, but is it really useful? Also, I'd imagine its really, really, easy to lose or not notice if it walked out of your pocket..

  • Fry


  • this guy

    now you can snort blow with your phone

  • Bonjo89

    "Wow this this is really flexa-"
    [casually walks away]

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