Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • etcrr

    #4 #39 LG gotta love'em

    • abnsldr

      that is not LG

      • thereallink
      • Paula_

        It knows, it just wants LG (<3) to respond.
        If it fails that it will delete the posting. Againsies.

        – Fan testimonial: "You are a comedic genius Paula. It's really just that simple. :)"

    • kekermahoney

      let me help you love em, esp #39

    • Tomas

      Yep, these two #4 and #39 are the winners of the week. B)

    • Reediculous

      agreed. my two favorites…fo sho

  • etcrr

    #54 beautiful woman awesome cleavage

    • Turbodude

      punctuation |ˌpə ng k ch oōˈā sh ən|
      1 the marks, such as period, comma, and parentheses, used in writing to separate sentences and their elements and to clarify meaning.

      • passwordistaco

        turbodude – you just took grammar nazi to the next level. Not sure you should be proud of that.

      • its_forge

        Punctuation wasn't really necessary for that missive as it would not have altered the meaning whether it were added or left off.

    • Devilscupid

      Jordan Carver

    • real etcrr

      My name is etcrr and i DONT know how to take a hint or even the direct msgs to fuck off from people so i will keep commenting lame retarded stuff.

      • Dumbass

        you need to get a life asshole

        • The Truth

          Seriously why don't you just suck him off already. Fucking Stalker.

      • Truth

        @real etcrr Your comments are as unfunny and unwanted as LG's stupid ass comments.

        #54 is damn hot eh?

  • lanz

    Is #42 Real? and Who's the hottie at #54 ? must be found!

    • eric

      i think #42 is scarlet johanson but whats all over her picture! :O

      • lanz

        looks like sperm

    • eric

      scarlett johansson*

    • br78ss

      It's shopped. Google image search is your friend

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      #54 is Jordan Carver

  • jeremy

    42 win win

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      #42 fixed

  • Fella

    #15 Perfect!

    • etcrr 126p

      Soon…. *insert pedobear pic*

  • coop55

    #29 Sweet Jesus….make it stop!!!

    • EOD Guy

      Once seen, it can't be unseen…

  • LoyalHoustonChiver

    Can’t believe the actual picture in #42 didn’t make the best pic of the week. O and btw #54 has to be found. Gotta have MOAR!!!

  • Dango10

    # 39 will haunt my dreams

    • boll


  • Dango10

    I meant #39 will haunt my dreams

  • Pedro

    It's friday night and I'm so alone. and hungry. and swamp ass.

    • sit ubu sit good dog

      Vote down for pedro…

  • Watsst

    Pretty sure #58 is a flower vase

    • its_forge

      Or an umbrella stand.

    • 'berto

      Re. Tar. Ded.

  • Lazidude202

    #39 I ❤ your tushy 🙂

    • thetruth

      I wanna violate you anally slut.

  • emily

    …Where's the love for #44 and #48!?!

    • Matt

      No doubt! #48 is a GODDESS. I didn't know a girl could take hotness to that level–it's almost gratuitous.

      • maclean

        she can be seen on /r/gonewild if you care to see more

      • Turner

        sir you hit the nail on the head. Goddess

    • Long_schlong

      In MY pants … and plenty of it!

    • 'berto

      #44 is Bryci, fawdk.

  • Jon


    And yea he looked upon the wonderment and said….this is good

    • yesSir

      Whores gonna whore.

      • its_forge

        Pathetic dickless trolls gonna patheically troll dicklessly.

  • lonin

    He must love warm beer.

  • Lisa

    #5 & #32 made me LOL #50 then #51…I see what Bob did there. #31 & #54 for the win.

    • Lisa

      Since it only posts 5 with the #'s…here: #54 & #39 🙂 Happy Weekend everyone. 🙂

  • Bumhugs

    #20 The one on the left looks like a whole fuckwad of psycho fun danger awesomeness. The kind of girl who owns her own set of "sex knives". There has got to be some dude out there who completely loves, absolutely hates, and lives in dire fear of this girl.

    • Gusto

      I would do pretty much anything to get her to marry me.

      • jack

        don't get married

    • Jonathan

      Yea I agree! I don't think i could handle that kind of crazy lol

    • Dr.Thinksalot

      one on the left is definitely a white-trash slut, but has a superb body (amazing tits nevertheless)

    • simtafa

      does anyone notice that her top is worn upside-down?

      • its_forge

        She was running around or lying about with it off and just threw it over her nips for the picture, since she didn't want a picture of her nips going around the internet.

    • Joey G


    • Michael Alen Pugh

      i refuse to believe that no one has acknowledged the fact that your comment is legendary. and not to mention completely accurate with how i imagined her to be as well. lol

  • Mike

    Who is #42?

    • DownwithTexasTech

      I think it's Madonna or Stevie Wonder. Can't really tell from the angle.

    • wat

      Scarlett Johasson

    • Sundevil8181

      I believe that #42 is the actress Scarlett Johansson

  • Cam


    University of Calgary

    I voted for her… How could I not after such a nice compliment.

    Ps. This poster is found over the urinals in the men's washrooms

    • Riley

      She won as well

  • Martin Brody

    48 is faptacular, unreal

  • Ruck_Over

    All #39 all the time. NEED MOAR! God Damn that hiney is perfect!

    • its_forge

      Innit just the prettiest thing you've ever seen almost ever?

  • Connor

    #59 I think Lloyd Christmas's face says it all.

    • anonimus


    • Jeff

      Where can I get that piece of art?

      • lloydlover

        found it at

    • fed

      must…not… stare…

  • Steppa

    #51…. We did stuff like that back in the late 80's! Too funny!

  • scottydeville

    MOAR of #20 and #54!!<p class="comment-thumbs"><a style="display: block; width: 87px; height: 105px;" href=""><img style="position: absolute;" class="comment-thumb" id="img-20-incomment-312689900" width="87" height="105" src="; alt="Image #20" border="0">

  • iheartboobs

    #4 MOAR

    • perryinjax

      She appears a little young (?)

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