Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Djd3990

    #25 I've done this to someone before

    • Paula_

      Does your ass still hurt?

      – Fan testimonial: "Paula, I'm going to vote you down on this one, because I know that's what you're after. As long as we have an understanding that I think this is completely hilarious."

  • Skifacejimmy

    #31 If i could get a name for this beautiful lady that, it would be awesome

    • theyellowfever

      Maria Swan or Jana Defi. And believe it or not, this is the least fappable material of her out there.

      • Andy021

        no its not! bullshit detected!

  • lokito

    #44 hands down my favorite…Please CHIVE find her

    • Jim

      thats bryci…… NSFW

  • MemoCarrllg

    #48 Loving those sexy bedroom eyes

  • MemoCarrllg

    #22 Amazing view!

    • JDM

      You think is real? Cool. I wouldn't like to be that guy in the board.

  • Riggs

    #42 If i was there for that I would have kick the fu ck out of whoever was handing that shit to Scarlett.

    • Murtough

      Right there with ya partner, ill stick a loaded gun in his mouth and make him beg for his life!

      • Simon

        If this isn't 'shopped, I'm assuming that was taken moments before her bodyguard kicked the shit out of him.

  • Riggs

    #42 If i was there for that I would have kicked the fu ck out of whoever was handing that shit to Scarlett.

    • Murtough

      I'd stick a semi loaded .38 in his mouth and pull the trigger once to show him whos boss.

  • passwordistaco

    #4 There's something about that girl next door. This chic rocks.

  • Devilscupid

    Pretty sure #54 is Jordan Carver.

  • PissedFormerChiver

    BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES OF THE WEEK: THE CHIVE………..-45345345345 ever hear of print on demand. You would get your asses handed to you in the REAL business world.

  • Byron_Black

    #18 I dub thee "Papa Wheelie."

  • James Munn

    #38 Let's go back to the future and relive those moments….

  • Anonymous

    Number 30… Beautiful. There is nothing more noble than working dog.

  • Lupus

    And the answer to life and everything is the #42. No really it is….look

  • Bill

    #44’s name is Bryci. You’re welcome.

    • Joe

      Nope, not her.

  • WTF


  • Maverick363

    #33 I live in yamhill county the whole place is a farting hillbilly infested dump!

  • Turbodude

    69th …….. Woo Hoo !!!!

  • fed

    #24 the correct answer is: none of the above

  • Dave

    #1 is a picture from Front mag last year. And i think the model is Arabella.

    • K-9

      "Can anyone point to the best part of this photo?" said Miss Aberdeen.

  • Trav

    #39 Thank you for sharing! #54 Ms. Carver, always a pleasure. #59 Ahhh Jim Carrey back when he was king of the world… GIMME THAT POSTER!

  • inkd4sho

    #42 holy shit I just got it, been staring at her boobs this whole time. Lol!

  • John J

    Why do you recycle posts from the week on Saturdays? Really annoying! I wake up Saturday morning ready to enjoy the weekend, and I decide to start with a little Chive and the first thing I see is recycled pictures!

  • Anonymous

    Moar of #48 please?

  • Tom Servo

    Nice frame…

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