Chivers, meet us in Vegas!

As many of you know, all of us Chivers are currently in Las Vegas on Spring Break with Asa Hope, Ellen Monohan and Erin Young. We’d like all of our Chivers to rally in front of the Bellagio fountains at 3pm on Saturday. We’ll be smack-dab in the middle. Contest winner Erin Young will be shaving Doug’s mangy head for charity.

From there, we will be heading to Nine Fine Irishmen at the New York, New York Hotel and Casino around 5pm.

Looking forward to throwing back a pint of Guinness with our Chivers.

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  • Higgs

    Calling all Calgary Chivers. Meet downtown at 9 somewhere. Bring boobs

  • WYO307

    Nine Fine Irishmen is the fuckin' TITS! Have fun and chive on!

  • vegasnites

    Sorry.. I have hangover scheduled until at LEAST 3pm.. getting in the shower at 7pm to go out around 9pm…..

    If you come to Vegas do as the Vegas people do.

  • OhSomeEvil

    son of a bitch, i'll be there next weekend for official st patty's day weekend!

  • Deedubya

    Am I the only one who shows up early. Where are you guys

  • D4M;G3Inc.


  • Brandon

    New York New York is right down the street from my house. I will be there after chivin through the day, er i mean work

  • Rainmaker2112

    Can't be there in person, but please let us experience all the Chivette joy in pictures & videos! Come on Sin City lets see the Mardi Gras of the North come to life through the Community of Chive!

  • joe

    mother fcker i have duty tomorrow… this shit blows


    Do Vegas Right On Spring Break Fuck it and Have Fun…….make your afternoons ur mornings and Nights your afternoons…..I should know Vegas made me this way hahahaha KCCO peoples

  • Dylan

    Where you gunna be tonight chivers?

  • Shebrolet

    What part of Texas is Las Vegas in?

    Y’all have a blast. Chive on!

  • Backdraft

    Damn, my vacation kicks in on Monday (working shift work means I am stuck at work on Sunday) and to boot I'm staying at NYNY so I miss out twice. Sounds like a Hell of a time though! KCCO!!

  • Smitty81810

    What about tonight? Let's get silly.

  • jaminboy13

    Damn, I am going to miss it. I am going out next week. They are having 311 day down there too 🙂

  • Matt

    Fuck I'm not there for at least another week this sucks ass.

  • spanky338

    Hell yes I’m in Vegas for the race ill be there

  • Sam

    Just checked for any last minute flights to las vegas from England, none as such…. Would jump across the water if I could! KCCO and have a good'n!

  • Arethius

    I honestly could fly out and make it there from the windy city if I had more then a 16 hour notice to get someone to take my shift.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I live in Vegas!

  • jackletooth

    Darn it! Another meet up I can't attend…. USS Enterprise…. pesky Iranians… and Syrians…. and pirates…. and ect!!!!

  • Guest

    i'd go and bitch at them about the shirts post (If I didn't live in Canada). fucking bullshit.

  • Tony

    Damn, not getting in town until wednesday. Still gonna be around?

  • Deflater Mouse

    As much as I would like to be there. Mountain West Championships on Saturdays….motherfucking Rebels!

  • Hermes

    Let me get this straight: you flew Country Girl over your offices and then you left to Vegas WITHOUT her!?!? What is wrong with you!?!?!??

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