Chris Hansen Cat would like you to have a seat right over there (18 Photos)

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122 66
  • Underbaker

    There he is now, and apparently found a way to vote multiple times. Hey I will admit when I am wrong, but I take it like a man and normally…

  • Over it

    What is with the Chive and cats? Over it. Found this post and all Cat Saturday post to be quite lame

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like the cat folders why do you open them and look at them you pack of wankers..

  • TheJoeGreene

    Even worse than the stupid dog post earlier in the week. At least that one had dogs in it.

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    Cats are lame

  • Matt

    Chris hansen cat has cockblocked me for the last time haha

  • Random

    What's up with all the hate? I think this post is frickin awesome

  • me

    take a Seat .
    hol long did u controll the red dot ?

  • BigManJones

    Forced meme is forced…

  • Always Last


  • HopeMarie8998

    I found this post rather hilarious….also I'm a woman :)

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