• emo and alone

    When your 500 fake Facebook friends isn’t enough, you come to chive to prove how much attention you really need.

  • Lucky7

    #40 Dolomitis, Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy!

  • http://twitter.com/mayerjacoby @mayerjacoby

    1. Girls on this post not attractive
    2. attention seekign girls
    3. where are the black girls?
    4. email me at chiveis ra cist@gm ail.com JOIN THE CAUSE
    5. Anti-chive blog coming soon. Lobbying firm hired to address chive racism
    6. chive endorses genocide (see africa post )
    7. when you put black girls in, put them towards the top and quit hidin them!
    8.Mac the intern. FUCK YOU RACIST
    9.Chive endorses gun usage and use
    10.People who say chive is not racist bc pictures are user sumbitted, uM, YEA. they do have posts of non users so they can find a black girl easy
    12. So to get attention or be deemed hot on the chive, you need to have fake boobs, blonde hair, and be white? Ok got it.
    13. Chive celebrates utilizing one’s education to drink, take scandalous pictures, and obviously throw one’s education away. No wonder why we are lagging compared to the rest of the world! Hehehee

    HEY CHIVE YOU LIKE TO MAKE FUN OF GENOCIDE IN AFRICA? http://thechive.com/2012/02/28/meanwhile-in-afric

    WATCH THIS YOU FUCKS. SHAME ON YOU. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc

  • Anonymous

    What’s twisting this bitch’s tit???

  • Smitty

    #19 — Son of a beech! That is where it came from! My friend and I were hiking in Pike Forest when this golfball came slicing through the trees, it hit my friend and sheared off the top of his ear along with about 20 pine branches. Do you know how much head wounds bleed?! It ruined his KCCO shirt!

  • pelinky

    #19 you are a dick
    littering in the middle of a wilderness area

  • pelinky

    #19 you are a dick. Littering in a wilderness area

  • Turd Ferguson

    I hate this douche.

  • travisB

    #41 – I think I love Pinky

  • Andy_C6

    #41, I just fell in love.

  • A1C Hyde

    As a military member myself, what will the process be to preorder these shirts, and how will you assure that it is only military people buying them?

  • Obie

    #23 wild turkey is better imo

  • jaffa

    #26 well done guys from a fellow Sydney chiver

  • racefan3

    #41 o yes….

  • racefan3

    #23 what part of cali? Would love to meet u…

  • Motherfucker jones

    Who is number 5 we want moar

  • Motherfucker jones

    #5 find her

  • Jezdezpez

    #19 why not a driver? It'll go farther.

    P.S – Your backswing is too steep, expect slice.

  • Skedaddle

    Pinky, you look like you’d be delicious. Yum.

  • chris

    The firefighter and the dog!, Damn Onion trucks keep parking outside my office

  • Always Last

    Last!!! 9-11

  • hmcby

    #41 perfect gap, and rest rocks as well

  • Lower

    #26 Can't believe we made the DAR! Stoked.
    KCCO and as always Fuck Cancer.

  • Anonymous

    #41 has nice lips

  • Anonymous

    #41 nice cameltoe

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