Daily Morning Awesomeness (28 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    First bitches

    • otter

      You could’ve left

    • otter

      You could’ve left out the “es”.

  • therealguy

    #23 Tree Ent?

    • I Like Turtles

      Hurry, it's getting away!!

    • YOdo

      He must go, his people need him.

    • zuksofhazzard

      Looks like Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

      • Utah

        Close. Cedar Breaks National Monument. Same rocks, just higher elevation, and WAY less crowded.

    • 65massey

      I could have been first but I got up early to beat the line at the car wash, but my car wouldnt start so I had to take a taxi.

    • oliverklosov

      No Entry.

    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Ent Moses – cannot enter promised land but will watch from afar with a tear in his eye

    • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco

      Pot Leaf

  • tb23

    Awww, #4 so sad

  • Rollout25

    #2 Never done it on the first try

    • etcrr 126p

      I have to google how to tie a tie every time i try to put one on..

      • LucretiusCaro

        Damn…that's pretty weak.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        "How to tie a tie" is part of your man-card.

        • Boom!_Headshot!

          a formal bow-tie, on the other hand, should only be left to the professionals

    • DaddyD

      If you think of the actual length achieved on your first try as the perfect length, then this is easy.

    • 03_SE_XTERRA

      this has not happened in the history of man


      I'm starting to get tired of that damn baby.

      • BostonChiver.

        You shut your poop mouth, right now.

    • TommyBoy

      Are you still talking about ties… or….?

    • Gallus

      Fortunately, I do not have to wear a tie often. When I do, I do a bow tie. I tie my own, and the length is perfect every time. (Grin.) – What the hell, I enjoy looking like a nerd.

    • its_forge

      I guess it's like riding a bicycle, any more when I do have to put one on it's whop bam boom, dead on first try. Still makes me go 0.0 that I can do it though.

  • Cartzilla

    #21 I do this intentionally….

    • SadeShadz

      Eep! Why?!! :O

      • bridgemaster

        Maybe he's a gay old man? Seems legit

        • SadeShadz

          Haha, k!

          • elbruces

            Once the Lemon Party gets into office, that sort of thing will finally be halted!

    • c-rizzle

      I find the number of downvotes more disturbing…Really, downvoting a sexual preference?

      • FagLover

        nobody likes fags

  • Candybabe

    #16 Mass Effect 3, FTW! I cannot wait until I get paid so I can buy my own copy (stoopy car, quit breaking and taking all my cash!).

    I hope the Reapers are ready to have their asses kicked!

    • James

      Its great. Don't listen to all the butthurt elitist that say its dumbed down.

    • lols

      lol, i thought they were talking about stargate atlantis.

  • Rollout25

    #6 What you guys don't have a puppy in your top drawer?

    • Stacey

      I have an emergency print out from the most recent Hump Day post so I can distract my boss when he's asking what I've done for the day. I suppose a puppy could work just as well.

    • llort

      not uncooked

  • jason

    #22 Dat BASS!

    • Rick_

      Great, now I'm gonna think "Bass" every time someone says, "That ass!".

  • Lazidude202

    #18 Shwinggg!!! 😀

  • Wark

    *gasp* There's only one pair of boobs (#18) in this entire post! For shame, Chive, for shame.

    • Pharmacy Guy

      Yeah, but they're really nice ones!

    • Jenny

      Dude. Google. Seriously.

  • Late

    I need more information on #17.

    And #18.

    • Parallendicular

      17 is a 3D render.

      18 is obvious, unless you're gay or don't speak English.

  • Anonymous

    Damn you

  • Bacon


    I expect Penn State or Michigan State or Ohio State… or the whole effing Big Ten found this to be amusing

    • tisha

      Trust me, Notre Dame fans do too.

      • "That" guy

        go away Irish, join a conference and stop pretending you belong in ours

    • daveh873

      Penn St just found it to be arousing

    • Shlomo

      Michigan State here checking in…..LOVE IT

    • culpjp

      BOILER UP! A Purdue fan here, that will be passing that picture on to his michigan coworkers today.

    • Max

      Go Blue!

      • Smuggler

        Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!

    • WillyB

      Old. I've seen it shopped as 10 different schools. Ohio State fans must have just now been able to afford the internet.

    • GhostRecon

      chiving from The Ohio State University and better believe im loving this

    • nuccabay

      MSU here…LOVING IT!!!

    • bewbytouch

      Columbus here, f**k the Wolverines!

  • Wilfred

    That explains so much….

  • Petey

    #8 hurry up and drink this. once Bear Grylls finds out i stole it he's gonna be pissed…..

    • Don't be hatin

      hehe… pissed

  • jon e

    #9 peepin some good records

    • hernan

      i'm still laughing

  • Steven

    When I first saw this post it only had 25 pictures. They added dat ass in 25!!

  • dashete

    #4 "Ha! Our wives are so much hotter than yours!"

    • lols

      you, sir, are more than likely not 'merican. you should take shame in that.

    • trollin4trolls

      Posh Spice is a hideously deformed plastic doll that should be burned at the stake. Then her shell can be used to make useful items, like toilet paper dispensers.

      • Fart

        …I mean she just laid there taking it like a plastic fuck doll. Am I right?

  • MonkeyMadness

    #25 Guess who farted?

    • mali_sapun

      the dog in the lower right corner?

      • BostonChiver.

        Whoa, didn't even notice that photobomb.

    • Ned Plimpton

      "Not sure if hot…. Or high class hooker."

      • Duh

        What makes her a hooker? There has been girls on here doing the same pose with a lot less clothes on and no one calls them hookers.

        • Ding fries are done


          • 2pumpdump

            I hope, at least then I'll have a chance.

    • MylesofStyles

      I get it. She's imitating the power cord station to her right.

    • Rocko

      that does not seem safe, does she have a power strip plugged into another power strip?

  • Ander

    Dude, Chive! You gotta stop switching around the numbers on these. All the comments go to crap when u do!

  • Ander

    Fixed! Good job!

    • Art

      i was just gonna write the same thing but they made everything right

  • Silent

    #10 – I Fucking love battlefield!

    • snooze

      Battlefield: Is it real? Or is it Battlefield?
      CoD: Is it MW2? Or MW3?

    • TheObert

      I work at a theatre part time, and have done this. Purely awesome.

      • Shant1k

        same here. i heard it costs from 300-1000$ to rent a room depending on the amount of people. we get it for free 😉

    • Nato

      My housemate and I got a home theatre projector instead of a TV. countless hours of COD were played on a 3.75m screen. Then I moved out. Recently I bought my own. Now I CHIVE all over the lounge wall!

      • Alpha0010

        The theater near my hose used to do this, but it was so expensive, so I could never try.

    • simpmcgee

      Dream bigger, I want to rent out Jerry Jones' playhouse and play on his 80 yard wide monstrosity of a screen.

  • CaNaDaaa

    #25 Dat @ss

    • sucka

      …is about to hit the streets on her shift

    • SouthWard


  • CaNaDaaa

    Morning Chive…. Chive shirts on sale today = Challenge Accepted!!!

  • Patrick

    #5 If it means I get to work for Spongebob, then sign me up!!

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