Friday Dopamine Dump (45 photos)

  • Mark

    It’s one of the greatest songs ever!

  • Mr. E

    #44 title is actually “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Not Beat Street.

  • Lori

    I could not help but chuckle at least 10 times while reading this list and thinking back to many Saturday nights in my basement with some great friends. Maybe I should print this out and just keep it by the Ipod for the next Saturday drunken karaoke night.

  • d1gitalpunk


    Jean Claude Van DAAAAM thats gay

  • Secretmaster

    #39 i'm totally melting at this..aaaawwwwww

  • u know i'm right

    #13 made that little girls day. Chive on Baby!

  • Duke

    #40 No Barenaked Ladies?! If I had a million dollars?

  • Anonymous

    A pig walks into Starbucks and says, I’d like a Frappucino for my moose…

  • Mykexl

    #12 is what I imagin heaven looks like!! XTRA YUMMY!!

  • Shawn

    #12 Nice gut. Ease up on the beer and pizza.

  • @boyettec316

    #44 what movie is this from?

  • prune

    lol quidarious gooch has to be one of the best names i have ever heard

  • Just Jokinen

    #44 needs olli jokinen’s head on jcvd

  • @DJCrazyEyes

    #35 MOAR!!!

  • ChelseaRules

    #34 I know this is a stretch, but did anyone else play Pajama Sam as a kid? This totally reminds me of the third one where he makes a donut friend named Sprinkle and he rides it around like a raft.

  • Klyph

    #23 Direct view up skirt – opportunity seized.

  • Rusty

    #9 looks like Peter O’Toole

  • Anonymous

    Wife saw #38 and wants to know what kind of dog that is?

    • SA Texas Chiver

      Looks like a maltese

  • Chris

    #25 what your left handed too?

  • Russell

    # 40 Crazy game of poker is missing

  • Russell

    #40 crazy game of poker by OAR is missing

  • Colin

    that is actually wrong he never killed his trainer and the assistant, but this lion survived a lot including 2 train wrecks, a flood in Mississippi, an earthquake in California, a fire, and a plane crash. His name is Slats and they took him all over to MGM promoters to signify the studios launch.

  • Chief Choctaw Red

    #12 I’ve asked before and I’m asking again, for everything that is good in this world, and sweet lil baby jesus, find more of this girl!!!
    #37 shes the only reason I would watch nbc!!!

  • Luke

    #9 &#44 lmao

  • Franco

    #12… My four favorite things in the world…

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